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How Do I Connect My Wavlink to My Router

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Every day, we come across a huge number of Wavlink WiFi queries. A couple of the most frequent queries are “How do I connect my Wavlink to my router” and “How to connect Wavlink to router.” If you also have the same queries, this blog post will help you resolve them. Just keep reading till the end of this post.

An Overview of the Wavlink WiFi System

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Wavlink is among the most popular and prestigious wireless data networking brands in the United States. It manufactures and sells a wide variety of high-performance routers, extenders, and access points. These devices fulfill the high-speed and high-performance internet needs of users for their homes or offices. And they are easily available at online stores and in-land outlets for purchase.

As a wireless internet user, if you are receiving a poor online HD streaming or gaming experience with your current WiFi system, it is time to switch to a Wavlink WiFi network. It will 100 percent transform the way you enjoy online content.

How to Connect Wavlink to Router?

If you made up your mind to invest in a Wavlink WiFi device or brought it home already, you will first need to install and set it up. Without the installation and setup process, you won’t be able to get rolling with the Wavlink WiFi network. If you don’t know how to install & set up a Wavlink device and how to connect Wavlink to router, here we are providing you with the details:

  • First, unpack your Wavlink device gently and also take out all the accessories from the kit, like external antennas.
  • Second, check if you have all the gadgets and information handy, required for performing the setup.
  • Next, start the process by plugging in and turning on the Wavlink WiFi device. Also, make sure that your existing modem or router is turned on.
  • Once done, use an ethernet cable that comes with the Wavlink kit and connect one end of the cable to your existing modem and the other to your Wavlink WiFi device.
  • The ethernet port LED on your Wavlink device will start flashing and get settled in a few seconds.

That’s all! This is how you can establish a successful connection between your Wavlink device and router. And we hope that you get the answer to your query “How do I connect my Wavlink to my router.” One thing to note here is that connecting your Wavlink WiFi device to your existing modem or router doesn’t configure your device. You will need to perform a few more steps to complete the Wavlink Router Setup or extender configuration. Let’s find the complete details for the setup process in the further sections.

The Standard Process to Set Up Wavlink Router or Extender

Whether you have got a Wavlink WiFi router or a Wavlink WiFi range extender, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to perform the Wavlink router setup or extender setup. This is a standard Wavlink network setup procedure. You will need to customize these steps while performing the setup, depending on your device and model. Now, let’s have a deep look at the steps you need to follow during the Wavlink router or Wavlink extender setup.

  • First, perform the steps that we have mentioned above to connect Wavlink to router.
  • Once the connection is successfully made, turn on a client device, like a desktop.
  • Ensure that all your devices, including modem and Wavlink device, are placed perfectly.
  • Connect your client device to the Wavlink network using the WiFi settings of the device.
  • In the next step, access the Wavlink login & setup portal using the web or IP address.
  • On the dashboard, login into your Wavlink account using your own or default credentials.
  • The next page may ask you a few security questions. Answer them correctly.
  • Select the Wavlink network that you want to configure from the list of networks shown.
  • Create a new user ID and password for future use on the next web interface.
  • Follow the further instructions to finish the Wavlink network setup successfully.
  • Once you finish the setup, restart the device for better performance.

Additional Wavlink WiFi Network Setup Methods

Except for the web-UI-based setup option, you have got a few more configuration options. If you want to know how do I connect my Wavlink to my router using other methods, read the information below carefully.

The WavRouter app-based setup, WPS setup, CD Driver installation, Manual setup, and Ethernet-based setup are a few of them. One thing to note here is that not every Wavlink WiFi router or extender comes with all of these setup options. You will get a few setup options with a few Wavlink devices while you may find other configuration options with other devices.

If you have got a Wavlink WiFi Range extender, you will most likely get a WPS setup feature with it. By using this feature, you will be able to configure your Wavlink WiFi device in minutes. There are not many steps included in this. Coming to the WavRouter App-based setup, users are frequently referred for this. It is the most recommended setup option by Wavlink. If you have any of the recent Wavlink WiFi devices, we would recommend you use this setup method.

Contact Our Technical Support Team For Wavlink Network Setup Help

Hopefully, the above information resolved your queries. But if your queries about how do I connect my Wavlink to my router and how to connect Wavlink to router still remain unsolved, contact our Wavlink Technical Support team. They have relevant expertise and experience and they will surely be able to give satisfying answers to your queries. The contact details of our Wavlink customer service team are mentioned at the top left corner of this page. Use those details to connect to our team in minutes.