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Wavlink WiFi 5 Extender Setup

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A number of repeaters support WiFi 5 extender setup that makes the internet coverage better after attaching to the routers. Whether your home router is of the same brand or different or whether it contains a WPS button or not. The WL WN579A3 1200M extender setup is compatible with every other router.

Fortunately, those repeaters that come under the WiFi 5 setup such as WL WN575A4 AC1200, WL WN583A6 AC2100, and so on, can be installed with such easy setup points. All you pretty much need is any device and the router with an active internet connection. To execute the setup process or get to know more about these products, read the below-mentioned information.

Wavlink WiFi 5 Extender Setup Guide

When you get any repeater of the WiFi 5 Extender setup series, you will receive an extender itself, an ethernet wire, and a manual setup guide. That quick guide covers all the basic information about the setup and other useful points. Also, the login credentials and default web and IP address will be included in that setup guide. Whereas that extender will have power and WPS LED on its panel which will notify its working. Moreover, there will be a reset button along with the power and WPS button.

Configuration Through WPS Button

This is the quickest and easiest method to install the Wavlink WiFi 5 extender setup as there is no need to use any web browser on the device.

  • First, attach the hardware part of the WL WN579A3 1200M extender together.
  • Then, fix the extender into a power outlet to make it connectable.
  • Place the router near the extender for better connectivity.
  • Now, push the WPS button of the extender for a few seconds.
  • Further, use and press the WPS button of the router immediately.
  • As a result, the LEDs on both devices will start blinking.
  • Later, these will become constant and turn solid color.
  • After doing this, connect your device to the extender network.
  • In this way, the WPS configuration process will be complete.
WL WN579A3 1200M

Wavlink WiFi 5 Extender Setup Through Web Portal

In case the home router does not have a WPS button, then utilize another configuration method for the WiFi 5 extender setup.

  • In order to use this approach, place the extender, router, and device closer.
  • Make the extender ready for setup by plugging it into the power source.
  • In the next step, join your mobile, laptop, or PC with the extender network.
  • You can connect the device to the network either wirelessly or wired.
  • Choose the network from the device’s network list for the former method.
  • Whereas inserting the ethernet wire ends into the device and extender’s ports for the latter method.
  • Afterward, launch any web browser on the connected device.
  • Search the extender’s default web address in the browser’s search tab which is wifi.wavlink.com.
  • Fill in this address and click enter to access the extender login and setup portal.
  • On the next screen page, type the extender’s login credentials in the prompted field.
  • As you are done with the Sign-In process, the next step is to set up the extender.
  • Finally, select the network, fill in the required details, and do some basic things to finish the setup process.

Note: Instead of using the extender’s default web address, you can insert the IP address which is However, if you face any difficulty while using it, reach our experts for assistance.

Troubleshooting Tips For WiFi 5 Extender Setup

Although the configuration processes are straightforward, there may be some hurdles while you use them. To eliminate them, try to find their cause before applying the solutions.


  • The power sockets may be broken or damaged.
  • The router’s internet connection is not active.
  • Or some errors in the home router’s working.
  • Additionally, wires can have a sign of tear and wear.
  • You may use the extender’s imperfect login details.
  • Lastly, the extender’s web or IP address is not correct.


  • Change the extender’s power sockets and placement.
  • Also, replace the wires that you use for the connection.
  • Unplug the extender and plug it in again after some time.
  • Use the accurate login details, and web or IP address.
  • Update the firmware version of the extender.
  • Reset the extender if there is any requirement.

Therefore, with the help of this useful information the WiFi 5 extender setup will work without any glitch. In any case, if you experience the errors again then contact us right away by calling at 716-992-6371 or mailing at support@wifiwavlink.net.

Some Issues You Might Face

If you are facing any issues then please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

Wavlink Customer Service


The Wavlink WiFi 5 extender setup includes a range of repeaters in the series. These are WL WN576G3 AC1200, WL WN579G3 AC1200, WL WN579X3 AC1200, and so on. These all extenders work on the latest technical features.

Go to the extender settings and then click on Connect to network option under Wireless settings. Create a new SSID there for the 5GHz band and click on the Save option.

Apart from the WPS method, you can visit the web-based setup page to configure the extender. Search the extender’s default web or IP address and fill in the login details there. Lastly, start the setup process on the next page.

Check the extender LED first to verify the connection strength and working. Try to perform some bigger tasks on the connected device to check the internet speed. Or you can use different locations and different web browsers while using the extender.