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Reyee E4 Router Setup

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Although setting up the Reyee e4 router and using it is straightforward, you can do that by accessing the portal. However, you might face some setup difficulties if you are not tech-savvy or unaware of it. Don’t worry, we are here with an easy Reyee e4 router setup guide to allow you to achieve it effortlessly. Check the points separately and use them in the right sequence.

Unbox & Check Manual

Before heading to the Reyee e4 router setup directly, go through some basic things. Foremost of all, unbox the router and also other required things which are the prerequisites of the setup. Such as the Reyee router, ethernet cable, default IP address, your existing modem, and any smartphone.

Further, check the quick manual setup guide and collect the default login and other credentials from there. It is advisable to note down the required details somewhere safely to use them instantly during the setup. However, if you fail to get those details, contact our tech experts and they will help you to do that.

reyee e4 router setup

Reyee E4 Router Setup Through App

Now, when you and your router are ready for the setup, let’s begin executing it using the points mentioned below. But, make sure you have covered the required things and the default details of the router earlier.

Plug In And Connect Router

First, plug the router into a power socket near the existing modem’s socket and turn it on. Connect the router’s WAN port to the modem’s port using an ethernet cable and place them closer. Make sure to check the LED indication on the router before you move to the next step.

Install The Reyee App

Install the Reyee WiFi app on your iOS or Android smartphone by scanning the QR code printed on the router. Alternatively, access the app store and select the app for installation after searching for it there. Once installed, connect the device to Reyee’s wireless network choosing it from the network list.

Start The Router Setup

Afterward, launch the app and click on the “Add Router” option displayed on the app screen. Select the “Create a Network” option from the next page but be sure the router is connected to the modem. Finally, choose the configuration mode as your preference and follow the screen directions to complete the Reyee e4 router setup.

Setup Through The Web Interface

Don’t be upset, if you fail to execute the Reyee e4 router setup through the app, instead try another one. The web interface will allow you to access the same options but by following the different steps.

  • Connect your device to Reyee’s default network by selecting it from the list.
  • Launch a web browser on the browser and search for Reyee’s IP address.
reyee e4 configuration
  • However, contact our tech expert to get the address if you aren’t aware of that.
  • As you search for that, a setup page will open up on the device’s screen.
  • Click on the “Configure” option and the router will start detecting the internet connection type.
  • Here, you can also choose the Upgrade option from the same page to auto-update the router’s version.
  • After that, choose your preferred setup mode from the PPPoE, and DHCP.
  • Keep in mind that you need to use the account and password while choosing the former method.
  • Whereas, for the latter mode, there will be no need to use those details.
  • Finally, click on the next button and the Reyee e4 router setup is complete.

Note: Though the above-mentioned setup points are easy to follow you can use them without obstructions. However, if you face some difficulties during the setup, you can simply get in touch with our team of experts. Our Reyee technicians will be there to assist you with your queries in the best possible way.

Customize The Advanced Settings

Once you complete the Reyee e4 router setup, customize or update the wireless settings of the network. In doing so, the router will start performing optimally giving its best while covering the WiFi dead spots. Access the management window either on the web interface or the Reyee WiFi app and click Advanced Settings.

Make the necessary changes as you want or as the settings options required to maximize the efficiency. Additionally, change the network WiFi and the default login password to safeguard the network from unauthorized access. Moreover, enables Parent Control to restrict and block the specific client devices from accessing the internet.

Troubleshoot Common Setup Issues

Some technical glitches and mistakes in the process might lead you to face Reyee e4 router setup issues. But, you can resolve them after analyzing their sources and using relevant troubleshooting tips, here are those:

Relocate The Router

If there are some external interruptions to the router, relocate it to a different location. Make sure to choose an area that is free from electrical appliances, and metallic things and away from thick walls. Try to place the router closer to the existing modem; it will help you with a hassle-free setup.

Power Cycle The Router

Try power cycling the router as the second appropriate troubleshooting tip to remove temporary bugs from it. Unplug it from the current power socket and keep it unplugged for a few minutes. Later on, plug it in again and try to choose another power socket while plugging in this time.

Reset The Settings

Finally, discard the changes to the router by resetting it if you made any earlier to it. Press the reset button located on the router’s panel and hold it to get the ideal blinking LED on it. In the end, try repeating the Reyee e4 router setup but ensure the router is in its Factory Default state.

reyee e4 reset

Contact Us For Your Queries

Our Reyee tech support team is available here if you are still struggling with your router’s issues. Share your queries with them whether these are with the setup or performance they will resolve them quickly. Reach out to them either by choosing the Call or Mail option and they will be there in less time.

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