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How To Configure Wavlink Repeater

It’s simple to configure your Wavlink repeater to improve the performance and coverage of your wireless network. You can set up and modify your repeater to match your unique needs by following a few easy steps. The Wavlink repeater offers a seamless and dependable network experience by allowing you to change settings, choose the best channels, and extend your WiFi signal. Let’s begin setting up the Wavlink extender!

Configure Wavlink Repeater Through WPS Method

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The WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) function of the Wavlink Connector makes the configure Wavlink repeater easier.. Near your Wavlink WiFi router, connect the WiFi extender to the nearest power outlet. Turn on your Wavlink repeater if it has an on/off switch. As soon as you plug the repeater into a working outlet, if it hasn’t already been done so, turn it on. To activate the feature, you must press a button on both. If the WPS button on your Wavlink WiFi gadget is active.

Observing the LED lets you check if the repeater is on or off. After making sure the extender is on, use the WPS button on the device. Bright LEDs on the router signify the beginning of the WPS configuration process. Press and hold the WPS button on the repeater after that for at least 30 seconds. Carefully complete this within three to four minutes of pressing the router button. The WPS LED on the repeater needs to be solid blue for it to connect to the router securely.

Configure Wavlink Repeater Through Web UI

Connect your PC or mobile device to the Wavlink repeater’s WiFi network. The repeater’s label or the instructions should include the standard network name (SSID) and password. On your connected device, launch a web browser, and type the repeater’s default IP address into the address bar. Usually, the standard IP address is “”. If your IP address is not recognized, type wifi.wavlink.com instead. To load the authentication page of the Wavlink repeater’s web interface, press Enter or Return.

To access the Wavlink extender setup page, log in using the default username and password on the login page. After you log in successfully, you will be able to configure the Wavlink repeater using the web-based interface. The model and firmware version may affect the exact layout and choices. Examine the various tabs and settings in the online UI to customize your Wavlink repeater to your tastes. Typically, there are choices to configure the WiFi password, security settings, wireless network name (SSID), and other network-related details.

Note: After the configuration procedure If you are not receiving a good signal then follow the below steps:

Check The Antenna Of The Router

Utilizing the online interface at wifi.wavlink.com, perform the following steps to inspect your Wavlink router’s antenna. Join your device to the WiFi network of the router. Enter “wifi.wavlink.com” in the address bar of an open web browser. Use your login information to access the router’s administrative interface. The “Antenna” or “Wireless Settings” option should be found. Here, you can check the location and orientation of the antenna and ensure that it is firmly fastened. Depending on your requirements, you may also modify the antenna for ideal signal strength and coverage.

Examine The Firmware Of Wavlink Repeater

You can check your Wavlink repeater’s firmware to make sure it is current and working correctly. The firmware acts as the device’s operating system, managing its performance and functionality. You can access fresh functions, security upgrades, and bug fixes by routinely verifying for firmware updates from Wavlink.

This procedure typically entails going to the firmware section of the repeater’s web interface, selecting the latest firmware version, and then following Wavlink’s installation instructions. After updating it if you are still facing network problems then reset your Wavlink extender.

Resetting The Wavlink Repeater

The Wavlink repeater can be quickly reset to fix connectivity problems or return to the factory default settings. Find the reset button on the device (typically located on the bottom or rear) and press it to reset the repeater. When the indicator lights start to blink or go out, press and hold the button for roughly 10 seconds. When the button is released, the repeater restarts, wiping out any previously saved configurations. You can configure the Wavlink repeater once again using the initial configuration procedure after the reset.

We hope after reading this blog you can easily configure Wavlink repeater. But in the other case, if you are experiencing any issues then discuss it with our technical experts. You can call us at 716-992-6371 or you can drop a mail at care@wifiwavlink.net.