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WL WN566A2 AC750 Extender Setup

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WL WN566A2 AC750 extender setup provides the highest internet speed in large areas such as factories, streets, office companies, etc. This gadget works on dual frequency bands such as 2.4GHz and 5GHz, repeating and extending it to a longer range that is too far away from the router to reach.

Unboxing Of AC750 Extender Gadget

Prior to using this AC750 range extender, please verify all the things. In case, anything is missing then contact an internet service provider.

There are three things you can see during the unboxing time.

  • One wireless AC750 range extender device.
  • Quick manual guide.
  • One long ethernet wire.
WL WN566A2 AC750 Extender Setup

Wavlink AC750 Extender Gadget Overview

On the gadget, you can see many buttons along with the LEDs.

  • Power LED
  • WPS/WiFi LED
  • LAN port
  • WAN port.
  • WPS button
  • Reset button
  • Mode selector.

Indication Of Wavlink AC750 Extender LED

Power LED:

On power, the LED determines that your gadget is perfectly turned on. On the other hand, an off-power LED determines that your Wavlink AC750 extender gadget does not receive electrical power.


On LAN and WAN LEDs establish that the ethernet port is perfectly connected. Off LAN and WAN LED to indicate that the ethernet port connection is disconnected. Flash LED means it transfers the data from the networking device.

WiFi Protected System LED:

Solid WPS LED means your AC750 extender gadget is connected through the WiFi Protected Setup button.

Login Into Wavlink AC750 Range Extender

Initially, you will need to do the extender login process prior to doing the WL WN566A2 AC750 extender setup process. Study the lower information step by step to login into the Wavlink AC750 extender.

  • First, attach your Wavlink AC750 extender gadget to any Wi-Fi-containing gadget.
  • After that, connect that WiFi gadget to the Wavlink_EXT network.
  • Further, in the analysis bar of the web browser enter the wifi.wavlink.com web address.
  • As soon as, the login page of the Wavlink AC750 extender will appear on your display.
  • Now, enter all the right details which are shown on the login page.
  • As a result, the login process of the Wavlink AC750 extender is successfully done.

Configure WL WN566A2 AC750 Extender Setup

There are two methods by which you can easily pair your extender to the router.

By Pressing The Both Gadgets WPS Button:

Note: Before doing this method first you will need to verify that your existing router must support the WPS button. If your router does not have a WPS button then don’t waste your crucial time on this method try another method.

WL WN566A2 AC750 Extender Setup
  • First, settle your Wavlink AC750 extender power plug in an electrical socket.
  • Make sure your extender and router must be located in the same room, not in a different room.
  • After that, push the WPS button of both the extender and router gadget for a short while.
  • Further doing all this, a solid blue LED starts flashing which means pairing between the extender and router is successfully done.
  • As a result, with the help of the above steps you will completely do the WL WN566A2 AC750 extender setup process.

Connect Via An Ethernet Cable:

  • Initially, take a one-long ethernet wire.
  • Now connect it to the extender ethernet port and the remaining end of the wire to the router LAN port.
  • During this process, connect your extender to the computer.
  • Now, open navigation and enter the IP address in the HTML field.
  • Hence, on the extender configuration page enter all the crucial information and make a login password for the protection of WiFi.
  • After this, select the setup wizard. Next, pick up the SSID of the host router and enter the WiFi security password.
  • Further doing all the above steps, wait for a while to see the solid blue LED on both the extender and router gadget.
  • In the end, take out the plug of the Wavlink AC750 extender from an electrical socket and place your extender where you face slow internet speed.

Benefits Of WL WN566A2 AC750 Extender Setup

  • This AC750 Wavlink WiFi extender gadget removes all the dead spot areas of the house and office.
  • It supports both dual 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands.
  • The login and configuration process of the AC750 extender is so easy and simple.
  • In a short while you can easily extend the range of the router’s WiFi signal.

Troubleshoot Wavlink Extender Issue- In One Method

Improve Wavlink Extender Firmware:

  • Initially, link the extender and computer to each other with the help of an ethernet wire.
  • Now, open a navigation and enter the Wavlink extender web address.
  • Next, login into the Wavlink extender to visit the firmware portal.
  • After that, select the administration option and then pick the improvement of the extender firmware option.
  • In the end, wait for a short while to download the upgrade firmware file on your laptop and computer.

Later do the WL WN566A2 AC750 extender setup process and after trying the troubleshooting tip, if you are facing an extender issue. Then don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will help you to fix that extender problem in a short while. You can easily contact us by calling at phone number 716-992-6371 or via email ID support@wifiwavlink.net.

Some Issues You Might Face

If you are facing any issues then please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

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