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Reyee App Not Working

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Encountering issues with the Reyee app’s working all of a sudden can be frustrating. Which can lead you to not access the app setup page of your device if you fail to resolve them. But, don’t worry, this troubleshooting guide is tailored to help you recognize the causes and solve the issues. Use the information to get the Reyee app not working error fixed in the right way.

Common Causes Behind The Issue

Before you start using troubleshooting tips for your app’s error, let’s try to identify the causes. Doing so will enable you to apply the relevant solution in accordance with the Reyee app not working. However, there can be a number of reasons but here are some of them:

  • No connection between the Reyee equipment & your device
  • Weak, interrupted, and unstable signal transmission between devices
  • The app’s version is out of date or corrupted due to some glitches
  • Your device or the installed app is not compatible with the equipment
  • Temporary server downtimes or maintenance issues on the device
  • Sluggish or no active internet connection on the existing modem
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Troubleshoot Reyee App Not Working

Once you have tried to identify the actual source of the error, start resolving that using appropriate tips. However, if you fail to do that then use all the solutions separately and try accessing the app portal later.

Check Internet Connection

In the first solution, check the internet connection on the existing modem if that is active or not. Make sure your modem is running on an updated connection and it is able to transfer signals. Contact your Internet Service Provider to confirm that and upgrade the version if necessary.

Reboot The Existing Modem

If you find any temporary bugs in the modem while checking the internet connection, then reboot the modem once. In doing so, your modem’s activity will improve and there will be a strong signal transmission. After that, connect it to the Reyee device and check if the Reyee app is not working.

Restart The Reyee & App

Sometimes, a simple restart helps a lot in resolving unidentified issues from the equipment and WiFi network. So, power cycle the Reyee device first removing its power socket and turning it on later. Afterward, reboot the Reyee app from your device and check if it’s working and if the issue is fixed or not.

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Clear The App’s Caches

The compatibility issues in the Reyee app can be due to its cookies, and caches which can further affect its performance. Check these things on the app and clear them from the Storage option if you find any. Finally, check the working and use another resolving tip if the issue is still there.

Verify The Login Details

There will be a need to use Reyee’s login credentials including the password while accessing the portal. Be sure to enter the username and password which is the default and accurate as well. Whereas, use the changed password while logging into the app if you have updated that earlier.

Check The Reyee App Update

If the error still persists, then the issue can be with your Reyee app which is not compatible or outdated. So, check for the app update if there is a new version available on the smartphone’s app store. If there is, then, update the app and make it a new one or reinstall the app if there is a need.

Disable The Firewall Of Device

Check the specific software on the device if you have installed anyone for safety purposes. Ensure to disable the firewall from there which can lead you to stop accessing the app portal. Also, check the other restrictions and blockage on the software which can create the Reyee app not working issue.

Update The Reyee Firmware

Outdated firmware can be a major cause behind the Reyee app not working if every mentioned point fails. See the latest firmware update on the Reyee web interface and upgrade the version if anyone is available there. As a result, the app and other performance issues of the Reyee will be resolved.

Install The App On Another Device

If there are still compatibility issues with your device, then try to use another one and install the app on it. Make sure the other device is free from malicious and corrupted files so that the app runs smoothly. Lastly, access the app portal and try executing the process that you want to perform there.

Reset The Reyee Device

If you are still struggling with the Reyee app not working, discard the older configured settings of the device. There can be some faults in the Reyee device’s configured settings and as a consequence issues in the app. Finally, repeat the device setup either using the web interface or the Reyee WiFi app.

reset reyee device

Choose Tech Expert Support

Unfortunately, if you fail to fix the Reyee app working after using these relevant troubleshooting tips, contact an expert team. Interestingly, we can be your first priority as we have a team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians. They are skilled enough and capable of resolving every basic to difficult issue of every Reyee’s device.

This means whether you face performance or app issues with your device, our experts will resolve them quickly. Additionally, they will help you in every process of your device including setup, optimization, and others. Clearly, this will be beneficial for you to have experts with you rather than struggling with the issues yourself.

Contact Us For Tech Support

Now, when you have planned to choose technical support, reach out to our expert team right away. Either select the Call or Mail option to share your queries with experts and get relevant solutions quickly.