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Wavlink WL NWP502W2 AV500

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By installing the WL NWP502W2 AV500 powerline you will surely be able to enhance the existing internet provider device’s performance. Although the setup process is as simple as that, you will require some basic information to do that. In order to execute this process, follow and utilize the configuration points that are noted below.

WL NWP502W2 AV500 Setup On Web Browser

By using any web browser on the network-connected device, you can perform the process easily. For this method, attach the WL NWP502W2 AV500 powerlines, device, and router together and follow the remaining steps here.

  • First, to make a strong connection, plug both powerline devices into the power sockets.
  • Also, attach one powerline to the existing router by using an ethernet wire.
  • Further, join your device to another powerline by using another wire.
  • As a result, the connection will become successful in this way.
  • Next, launch the web browser on that device and search the powerline’s default web or IP address.
  • Fill in in the search bar and click enter.
  • On the next page, enter the WL NWP502W2 AV500 login details in the required field and click Sign-In.
  • Later, select the network that you want to extend from the list and insert the password again.
  • Therefore, the powerline will be configured conveniently.
wavlink nwp502w2

Configuration Through Powerline Kit Pair Button

In case you face any errors while using the above-mentioned method, then you can choose the WL NWP502W2 AV500 pair button.

  • Initially, join the powerline, device, and router and create the network.
  • After that, push the first powerline pair button softly to make it findable.
  • Then, press the other powerline pair button immediately to connect them.
  • Soon, the LEDs on both will become stable and solid after connecting with each other.
  • Thereafter, use your connected device and verify whether the powerline is amplifying the existing signals or not.

Resolve The Wavlink Powerline Issues

If the WL NWP502W2 AV500 is not working as it should, then make the connection again and follow some other tips.

Restart The Powerline

In the initial stage, unplug the WL NWP502W2 AV500 powerline and router, and disconnect the device from the network. Try to use a different location and another device this time. Also, change the powerline placement and power plugs as well. Later, plug it in again and connect your device to it. Hence, it will start working properly now.

Reboot The WiFi Kit

Apart from that, you can use the powerline’s reset function to eliminate the errors permanently. However, choose this option if required as you will need to install this device again after resetting it. Use a paperclip if the reset process requires it. Insert that paperclip in the reset hole but press this clip softly to don’t cause damage to the device.

Configure Powerline Again

Once the WL NWP502W2 AV500 completes the reset process, install it again by using any method from those two. Create a strong and unique SSID and password while configuring this time. Prefer to use new ethernet wires to make a stable connection. Use the powerline’s correct web or IP address and its login details to access the login and setup page.

Some Issues You Might Face

If you are facing any issues then please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

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You will get two powerline devices when you unbox the box. Additionally, there will be two ethernet wires and a quick manual guide that contains essential information about the powerline setup process.

You can use the pair button to configure the powerline easily. To do this, plug the powerline devices into the power sockets and connect the router and device with them. After this, press the powerline pair buttons separately to connect them.

It has four LEDs on the right top of its front panel. These are Power, LAN, Link, and WiFi lights which indicate different notifications. Here, the power LED notifies whether the powerline is active or not whereas the LAN and Link lights show the connection activity. Lastly, the WiFi light indicates the WiFi connection working.

Open the network list on your device and find the powerline SSID and select the official one there. Insert the default password in the required field and click on the Connect option.

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