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WL WN565N1 N150 Extender Setup

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The WL WN565N1 N150 extender setup supports Wavlink WiFi 4 repeater series that comes in the form of travel repeater. After configuring this device, you can move anywhere by carrying the extender along with you. Whether it is your business trip or family tour, there will be no reason to worry about the internet speed. To know more about this product or its configuration details, read the points here.

WL WN565N1 N150 Extender Product Overview

While unboxing the N150 repeater, there will be the product itself and one setup manual guide. Talking about the device, it has one reset button, one WPS, and one mode changer button which is AP/repeater, and router mode. Additionally, there will be the WPS and power LED on the extender’s panel. Also, it contains one reset button that works to bring the extender to its original state.

WPS Method For WL WN565N1 N150 Configuration

Fortunately, you can configure this device by using its easy WPS setup method without any obstructions. Make sure your home router is capable to work on this feature.

  • Initially, insert the extender USB end into the PC USB port.
  • Also, verify the light indication of the extender after doing that.
  • Place and fix the router into the power socket near the extender.
  • Following this, push the WPS button of the extender from its top panel.
  • Soon, use the router and press its WPS button for a few seconds.
  • As a result, the LEDs on both devices will turn ideal colors.
  • In this way, the configuration process will be completed quickly.
  • The WL WN565N1 N150 extender setup will start amplifying signals.
WL WN565N1 N150

Software Wizard For Manual Setup

In any case, if the existing router’s WPS button does not work properly, then make use of this another setup method.

  • After plugging the extender into the PC USB port, take a LAN cable.
  • Insert the cable from one end into the extender’s port and another end into the router’s port.
  • The PC display will appear in the Wired Connection notification immediately.
  • Next, open the device’s web browser and search for the extender’s IP or web address.
  • Insert the IP address that is or wifi.wavlink.net web address and clicks enter.
  • The extender’s login window will appear on the screen and ask you to fill in the username and password.
  • Insert the login credentials and tap Sign-In and move to the setup page.
  • Choose the network from there and type the accurate password in the required field.
  • Finally, connect more devices to the extender network to use the extended signals properly.
  • Hence, in this way, the WL WN565N1 N150 extender setup will be installed easily.

Solutions For WL WN565N1 N150 Extender Setup Issues

It can be common to get errors in the WL WN565N1 N150 extender’s working whether it is from the technical end or something else. But, use these resolving points to get them fixed.

  • Change the extender location and place it near the router for better connectivity.
  • More than that, connect your different devices to the extender and keep that device’s web browser updated.
  • Check the connection strength by looking over the extender’s lights.
  • Give some rest to the extender if you are using that for a long time.
  • Later, plug the extender in again to the PC port and make a connection.
  • Lastly, check the router’s working and internet connection as well.

Reset The Extender

Another foolproof method to get the extender back to its working stage is to reset the extender and reconfigure it. Follow the steps here.

  • For this process, discard the wired connection if there is any that the extender is working on.
  • Then, locate and press the extender’s reset button and keep looking at the LED continuously.
  • When the extender will reset the LED will notify you with a solid light sign.
  • After this, reconfigure the extender again and do some tests with its working.

After implementing these easy tips, we hope that your WL WN565N1 N150 extender setup will start working as it should. But, if it is not done, then contact our expert team as quickly as possible. Simply call 716-992-6371 or mail at care@wifiwavlink.net to get more assistance.

Some Issues You Might Face

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