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WL WN532N2 Router Setup

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Installing the WL WN532N2 router setup at your place means allowing your devices to get strong signals and remain connected every time. Additionally, there will be no remaining WiFi dead spots at your home and office. Surprisingly, to install this device, there is no need to take any technician’s help. But, just go through this information once to execute the process independently.

Push-To-Use Setup Method For Router

Attach the router to the power outlet, make it configurable, and utilize the remaining points here.

  • Place the router, existing modem, and device in the same location.
  • Check the modem’s WPS button functionality once.
  • Push the router’s WPS button till it becomes ready to connect.
  • Check the router’s LED to get to know the condition of the process.
  • Then, within the next few seconds, push the modem’s WPS button.
  • As a result, both devices will make a connection quickly.
  • Next, unplug the router and place it where you want.
  • But, keep in mind to place this within the range of the host modem.
  • Attach your device to the network either wireless or wired.
  • Finally, you will be successful in configuring the router in this way.
WL WN532N2 Router Setup

Essential Things For WL WN532N2 Router Setup

For other setup processes, there will be some requirements that you will need to use to configure the router. Go through the list once and collect them as well.

  • Firstly, the router’s default login, web, and IP address details.
  • Also, the modem’s SSID network name and password.
  • A laptop, PC, or mobile with access to the web browser.
  • Any new ethernet wire if you want to make a wired connection.
  • The active internet connection whether of slow or fast speed.
  • In the end, a blank power outlet with an adequate electricity supply.

Web Portal Setup Method For WL Router

In case the modem’s WPS button does not function properly or you want to make some changes in the router settings. Then, follow another setup process.

  • To do this, connect your device to the router network by inserting the password.
  • Whereas, making a wired connection with the help of an ethernet wire.
  • Attach the wire from one end to the router’s port and another to the device’s port.
  • Once you are done with this, open the updated web browser on the device.
  • Type and search the router’s default web address that is wifi.wavlink.com.
  • On the other hand, you can use the IP address instead of the web address.
  • Fill in in the browser’s search bar and click enter to visit the next page.
  • After visiting the next screen page, perform the login process immediately.
  • Type the router’s username and password and choose the location and language.
  • Soon, the login process will complete as you are done with the basic things.
  • In the next step, select to start the configuration process of the router.
  • Lastly, choose the network and allow your device to extend it.

Solutions For WL WN532N2 Router Setup Errors

There can be any reason that your router starts giving a slow speed of the internet all of a sudden. You might not be able to find the causes behind that but apply these solutions to eliminate them.

wavlink router not working

Check The Router Working

Before implementing the tough solutions to the router, do some basic things with it. Check whether the router is within the range of the host modem or not. More than that, don’t allow other electrical devices to absorb the WiFi signals, so keep them away from the router. See the router’s LEDs’ working and color as well. Further, change the placement of the router and keep this near the modem.

Reset The Router

In this method, use and push the router’s reset button till the router starts the process. Later, configure the router again and use a different web browser, and a different power outlet. Try to make a wired connection this time and choose a different configuration process. Make the router network secure by setting up a strong password for this and also do some changes in the router’s settings.

From now, the WL WN532N2 router setup will start amplifying internet signals efficiently. However, if it shows an error again, then make a contact our experts for more help. Simply call at 716-992-6371 or mail at support@wifiwavlink.net.

Some Issues You Might Face

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