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WN570HN2 N300 Outdoor AP Setup

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The Wavlink WN570HN2 N300 outdoor AP setup can be used in the repeater, router, and AP mode. Even, this device can be fitted in any place whether it is your abode or workstation. Fortunately, you can configure this gadget in less time and effort. But, to make the process more simple, utilize these instructions.

Assemble Outdoor AP Setup

To configure the WN570HN2 N300 Outdoor AP Setup, join the whole mesh WiFi network first. Take the device from the packed box and cables and some other crucial things as well. Attach the spiral covers, pass the power cables from the rubber seal, and connect it to the port.

Screw the cover tightly and take the POE which is the Power Of The Ethernet converter. Insert the cable end into the outdoor and another into the POE converter. After that, join the outdoor and router by using an ethernet cable. Whereas attaching the power cable to the outdoor and the power socket.

Assemble Outdoor AP Setup

Once you are done with setting up the AP product, execute the login process on any device.

  • Take your device and connect it to the outdoor network immediately.
  • Choose the wireless network on the device and make a connection.
  • Or use an ethernet wire to make a wired connection between both.
  • After that, open the latest and updated web browser on that device.
  • Enter wifi.wavlink.com or in the browser’s search bar.
  • Here wifi.wavlink.com is the web address and is the IP.
  • As you enter the next page, the login window will appear and display soon.
  • Enter admin as the username and password in the field and click Sign-In.
WN570HN2 N300 Outdoor AP Setup

Thus, the WN570HN2 N300 Outdoor AP Setup login process will be successful now.

WN570HN2 N300 Outdoor AP Setup Method

After performing the login process successfully, reach the next page which is the setup process page. Choose the network from the next screen page to which you want to extend the range. Follow some basic instructions to execute and complete the process. Change the network SSID name and password to make it unique.

App Setup Method For Outdoor AP

On the other hand, you can install the Wavlink app from the Google Play Store instead of using the web browser page.

  • Download and install the Wavlink app on that network-connected device.
  • Search and choose the Wavlink app from the list and allow the device to install that.
  • Fill in the login information and choose the language and time zone from that page.
  • After doing this, utilize the instructions that will show on the screen.
  • Choose or create a unique SSID network and password as well.
  • In this way, the WN570HN2 N300 Outdoor AP Setup process will finish.

Update Outdoor Driver

After configuring the WN570HN2 N300 Outdoor AP Setup, do the software version update.

wn570hns2 update
  • Go to the official web-based setup page of the outdoor by using its web and IP address.
  • Download the latest file of the software and save it on your networked PC.
  • Again, visit the same page and upload the file to the Software Update option.
  • Start the updating process and keep the PC on while doing this.
  • Next, reboot the outdoor device and connect your devices to it again.
  • Lastly, verify the outdoor AP setup working and performance after completing the process.

Hence, the WN570HN2 N300 Outdoor AP Setup will be installed in this simple way and extend signals effectively. If it starts working on sluggish internet speed, then contact us by calling 716-992-6371 or mailing support@wifiwavlink.net.

Some Issues You Might Face

If you are facing any issues then please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

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