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Macard RE1800 extender is a device enriched with the latest and most powerful technical features reliable for getting extended WiFi signals. Whether you are struggling with slow internet speed or the WiFi dead spots, you can directly count on this device. As you get the Macard re1800 extender there will be a need for its perfect setup to get the best out of it. Fear not, if you are not familiar with that, just use the information mentioned below to have a successful Macard re1800 extender setup.

Unbox The Macard RE1800 Extender

The first and foremost thing here is to unbox the packed box and get the required things out. That includes the extender itself, a power and ethernet cable if these are included, and a quick setup guide.

Thereafter, check the quick manual setup guide as that will walk you through the default login and other details. Also, read some basic setup tips from there that you can use for the Macard re1800 extender setup.


Get Familiar With The Macard RE1800 Working

You might be confused about how a Macard re1800 extender operates after its perfect setup. Well, this extender acts as a booster or repeater that works to extend the existing internet signals of the router. This extender device is outstanding at removing those annoying WiFi dead zones that irritate you. This can also increase the coverage of your current WiFi network to a great extent.

A Macard re1800 range extender is a reliable option if you’re having trouble with a spotty signal in your backyard, a remote area of your home, or the basement of your office. Once you are familiar with its working process, move to its login and setup to start enjoying the network effectively. Let’s follow the points stepwise and carefully.

Collect The Prerequisites

re1800 extender

The second thing here is to gather the things as the pre-requirements that the setup will require. Here it is advisable to get them before you move to the Macard re1800 extender setup so that there are no hassles.

  • The Macard re1800 extender and its default credentials
  • Your existing router and its SSID name with password
  • An ethernet cable to make a wired connection
  • Any device with a compatible web browser

Macard RE1800 Extender Setup Procedure

Now, start the Macard re1800 extender setup process after successfully logging into the web interface. Make sure you are equipped with the required things before you start the setup. Also, follow the points as mentioned or without skipping anyone.

Place & Plug The Extender

Foremost of all, place the extender closer to the existing router and plug it into a power socket. Try to choose the socket that is near the router so that there is a strong connection. In the end, check the power LED of the extender and move further once it becomes ready for the setup.

Attach Your Device To The Extender

Afterward, take any device that must have a compatible web browser and make it networked. Open the wireless network list and select the Macard re1800 default network to attach with it. As an alternative, make a wired connection using an ethernet wire and insert the ends into the ports.

Visit The Macard RE1800 Web Interface

To get on the Macard re1800 extender setup portal, open the web browser on the same networked device. Then, search for the web or IP address of the extender and the browser will redirect you to the login window. Now, log into your extender as you did earlier and move to the setup dashboard.

Execute The Setup Process

As you reach the setup window, there will be a number of features and options appear on the screen. Use them as you want, insert the basic details, and start following the on-screen directions that your device will show. Ensure to follow them in the right manner and don’t skip any point in between.

Set A New SSID Name

After finishing the Macard RE1800 extender setup process, you must change the network SSID name and password. So, set a different name for your WiFi network to give it a unique identity. Additionally, create a strong password for the network to prevent unauthorized access and hackers to it.


Relocate The Extender

You can relocate the extender to a different place for maximized WiFi coverage after its setup. Just unplug the extender and locate it in the center of your house to get signals in every corner and nook. Make sure that the extender is in the range of the router. Apart from that, you can place it in the WiFi dead zones to eliminate them.

Attach More Devices

Now, you can connect a range of devices to the network as the extender has the capability of providing signals to multiple devices. Choose any connection type from wireless and wired and connect your devices safely. Finally, start enjoying the network with the highest internet speed and stable signal transmission.

Changes In Advanced Settings

To get the optimized performance of your network, you must make some changes in its advanced settings. So, reach the web interface again and access the management window. Use options such as Frequency bands, WiFi channels, Security encryption, firmware updates, and many more.

Activate the bands that your extender supports and choose the less congested channels for the network. Besides that, check the firmware update and upgrade the version if there is a new one available.

Resolve The Macard RE1800 Working Errors

re1800 extender not working

If in any case, you start experiencing some issues in the extender’s performance, there might be some glitches in it. You must address them right away to get the working fixed of your extender. Find out the source of the errors to apply to resolve tips, however, if you fail, then contact a tech expert. Lastly, you can reset the extender to resolve issues, but you’ll need to repeat the setup. So, use this solution if necessary and set up the extender from scratch.

Congrats, as you are successful in your Macard RE1800 extender setup process using this guide. We anticipate that your devices will start getting stable and the fastest internet signals from the network. However, if you face difficulties during or after the setup, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our tech experts will be there to help you in minutes.


You can do the Macard re1800 extender setup in minutes by following the web interface’s on-screen directions. Access the setup portal on your networked device and choose the network from there. Then, the screen will start instructing you to complete the setup.
To change the Macard re1800 login password, access the web interface and then select the Security Settings option. Afterward, choose the password option and set a new one by replacing the older password. Finally, click on the save button to apply the changes that you made to the password.
There are two ways to connect your device to the Macard re1800 extender: wireless and wired. For the first method, select the extender’s network from the list and insert the password. Whereas, for the second method, use an ethernet wire and insert the ends into the ports of both devices.

The wired connection involves attaching the devices through ethernet wires. As a result, there is direct internet signal transmission between them rather than indirect through wireless. That’s why this type of connection is more reliable and also avoids signal interruptions.

To check the latest firmware version availability of your extender, you can visit the web interface. Then, click on the Administration option and see the update, and upgrade that if there is any available. It is recommended you check the update frequently and upgrade the file on time.