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WL NWP505G2 AV1200 Powerline Setup

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The Wavlink WL NWP505G2 AV1200 powerline kit works to boost the host router’s signals in a significant way. With its easy plug-and-pair configuration process, it comes with a compact and portable design. Though you can make a wired connection to install it in another way. To get information from setting up it to using it effectively, keep reading this article.

WL NWP505G2 AV1200 Pair Button Installation

Although this device supports a Pair button for installation, there is no need to use its login credentials for setup. To execute this process hassle-free, utilize these directions.

  • To make the powerline kit connectable, plug that in a power socket.
  • Attach the first powerline device with the router using an ethernet cable.
  • Whereas joining the second one with your device through another wire.
  • Once both are connected and plugged in, verify the LEDs indications.
  • Following this, press the pair button of the first powerline for some time.
  • Later, push the remaining device’s pair button till the LED turns color.
  • Now, keep continuously checking the LEDs as these will notify the connection.
  • Lastly, connect more devices to the network and get a stable signal.
NWP505G2 AV1200

Visit The Web-Based Setup Page

Another approach for the WL NWP505G2 AV1200 setup is through using a web browser on the connected device. Clearly, there is no need to use the powerline pair buttons.

  • When you complete the connection process between the powerline kit, router, and device, make use of that network-connected device.
  • But prior to moving to the further process, check the connection first.
  • Make sure that the power and ethernet cables are connected well.
  • Afterward, open the web browser on the device to visit the setup page.
  • In order to visit that, search the powerline’s default web or IP address.
  • Type as the IP address in the search bar.
  • The web browser will bring you to the default sign-in page of the powerline.
  • Where you will see the login field containing the username and password.
  • Insert the default login credentials in the prompted field and tap Sign-In.
  • In the end, use the instructions that will appear on the screen to configure the powerline soon.

Hence, the Wavlink WL NWP505G2 AV1200 powerline is installed now by these two methods. If you still face these daunting processes, then get in touch with our experts to make it simple.

Wavlink Powerline Product Features

The Wavlink WL NWP505G2 AV1200 is a HomePlug AV standard-compliant device that is optimal to get better internet speed while playing online games or watching videos online. Moreover, the 2-68MHz frequency band enables the powerline to provide up to 1200Mbps internet speed.

On the other hand, for security purposes, it has WPA-PSK encryption that makes the network more secure. In addition to the easy pair button, and configuration process, it has two ethernet ports for setup. In fact, these ports offer the most stable and uninterrupted signals to the devices.

Resolving Tips For WL NWP505G2 AV1200

There might be a probability that you experience the slow speed of the powerline performance. Or it might stop working and keep disconnecting from the devices. So, to eliminate the error behind this situation, follow these tips.

Unplug The Powerline

To get back the powerline to its working condition, remove both powerline devices from the power sockets. Leave them unplugged for some time and later plug them in again. Finally, make the connection again and verify whether the powerline is working well or not.

Reset The Powerline

After using that method, if the powerline still keeps malfunctioning, then opt for its reset function. For this method, disconnect all your devices from the powerline and press the reset button on it. As a result, the LED will start blinking which means the powerline is resetting. When the reset process is complete, do the configuration process again.

While configuring the powerline this time, check its placement and it must be close to the router. The connected device’s web browser must be updated every time. More than that, there must be a proper electricity supply from the power outlets.

We can safely expect that after utilizing this information, you will be successful in configuring the Wavlink WL NWP505G2 AV1200 powerline. In case you see the process as complex, then reach out to our experts.

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