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WL WN529R2P N300 Router Setup

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By doing the WL WN529R2P N300 router setup you can watch high-streaming videos and play online games. WL WN529R2P N300 router offers an internet speed of 300Mbps wireless speed. If you want to do the WL WN529R2P N300 router setup, read this entire page.

Specification Of WL WN529R2P N300 Router

  • It offers a stable WiFi signal throughout every corner of your place.
  • With the help of its 4x5dbi external antennas, you will get the WiFi signal in all directions of the house and office.
  • It supports WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK wireless security encryption.
  • This WL WN529R2P N300 router setup process is so simple and easy.
  • It keeps your child safe from potentially harmful websites.

How To Visit Into Wavlink N300 Router Settings

Before logging into the Wavlink N300 router settings, you must know the default web or IP address and username or password.

  • Initially, you will need to launch a web browser such as Firefox, Mozilla, internet explorer, etc.
  • After that, enter the web address wifi.wavlink.com or IP address in the web browser URL field.
  • Now, fill in all the credentials which are shown on the login page.
  • Further doing the above steps, you will successfully enter into the settings of the Wavlink N300 router.
WL WN529R2P N300 Router Setup

How To Configure N300 Router With Modem

  • First, you will need to join the proper internet cable into an electrical socket.
  • Now, attach the remaining end of the internet wire to the modem.
  • Next, join the modem power cord into your modem.
  • After that, settle the modem power cord into a closer electrical socket.
  • Switch on your modem device now.
  • Further, you will need to join an ethernet cable to the modem ethernet port.
  • Following this, join the remaining end of the ethernet cable to the router ethernet port.
  • Join the router power cord to your Wavlink router.
  • Then attach the router power cord to any electrical wall socket.
  • Grab a second ethernet cable and connect it to the Wavlink N300 router LAN port.
  • Pair the other end of the ethernet cable with the computer or laptop.
  • Now, check all the LEDs on the modem and the router starts to light up.
  • As a result, it means the WL WN529R2P N300 router setup with the modem is completely done.

Note: After the setup of the WAvlink N300 router if you are facing any issues in your Wavlink router device then you will need to follow the lower resolving tips.

Take Out The Modem Plug

Try to take out the plug of the modem from an electrical socket. If you suddenly fail to join the internet. It permits the modem to fully turn off and make a fresh and stronger internet connection. After 15 seconds, place the modem plug in an electrical socket and before joining the internet wait at least two minutes.

Restart Both Modem And Wavlink N300 Router

  • Initially, switch off your computer and take out the modem from the wall socket.
  • After that, take out the router power plug from the electrical socket source.
  • Then check that both ethernet and coaxial cables are fastened securely to your device.
  • Now, reconnect both the modem and router to their power source.
  • In the end, within two minutes switch on your computer or laptop. As of now, you should be able to connect to the internet.

Try To Ping the ISP

You will need to verify if your modem requires any special configuration. If you fail to join the internet, then you will need to ping the internet service provider to check if your modem device requires any special installation or configuration. Several cable modems must have an ethernet port before they work perfectly with the internet router.

Tip: If you want to extend the range of the Wavlink router WiFi signal then you will need to do the WL WN529R2P N300 router setup with the extender by pushing the WPS button on both the router and extender device. Also, make sure they must be located closer to each other.

We expect, with the help of this WL WN529R2P N300 Router setup page, you will learn all the basic information. As well as the above troubleshooting tips. If these do not help to fix the issue then you will need to contact our technical team experts by addressing email at care@wifiwavlink.net or by mobile number 716-992-6371.

Some Issues You Might Face

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