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WL NWP505D2 AV500 Powerline Setup

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The WL NWP505D2 AV500 powerline setup attaches to the host router to improve its working capability significantly. No matter whether the router signal is strong or weak, it must be active so that the powerline will be able to amplify it. Whereas to configure this device, you will only require any device, ethernet wires, and an active internet connection. Read the setup directions here stepwise.

Configuration Through Pair Button

Here, the good point of the powerline is the Pair Button Configuration method which makes it more advantageous. To use this approach, go through these points.

  • The first and foremost point here is to make the WiFi kit searchable.
  • In order to do this, plug both powerline devices into the power outlets.
  • Now, take the ethernet wires and make a connection between the powerline, router, and device.
  • Turn the switches on and wait for the powerline solid LED.
  • Once you are done with that, push the powerline pair button first.
  • Soon, push another powerline’s pair button to connect them both.
  • In a few minutes, the connection will be successful and the powerline will start to work as it should.

Note: Connect more devices to the powerline as it has two ethernet ports on each device. Finally, check its performance as it will provide strong and stable signals through its two ethernet ports.

WL NWP505D2 AV500 Manual Installation Method

In addition to the easy pair-to-use configuration approach, the manual installation method is another way that you can use it. Have a look over these points.

  • When the powerline, router, and device are connected together, open the web browser on the device.
  • Next, search the powerline’s default IP address in the browser’s search tab which is
  • Soon, the browser will redirect you to the official login window of the powerline.
  • Where you will see the username and password required field.
  • Type the official login credentials there and click the enter button.
  • After doing this, the setup page will appear on the device screen.
  • Thereafter, utilize the on-screen directions and fill in the prompted details.
  • Also, create a different SSID name and a strong password for the network.
  • More than that, you can do some changes to the powerline settings for better performance.

Note: Therefore, these are the two ways through which you can configure the WL NWP505D2 AV500 powerline easily. However, if you are not able to do this, contact our technicians to achieve that.

WL NWP505D2 AV500 Advantages

Though this tiny, portable, and compact powerline device makes the range-extending process possible. Also, it works to provide users with a number of pros with less effort. As this powerline has two ethernet ports on each, that makes it different from others. By installing this device, you will surely get the highest speed of the internet which is up to 500Mbps. Clearly, it can be ideal to play online games and streamlining videos. Moreover, there will be no need to use any extra wires to configure it as it has a Pair button for installation.

Solutions To Discard Powerline Errors

If the WL NWP505D2 AV500 starts malfunctioning, then utilize these resolving tips to get the powerline to its well-working state.

  • Initially, verify both powerline LEDs indications to check the connection strength.
  • Further, examine the power sockets as these must be able to provide a proper electricity supply.
  • Examine the wired connection of the network such as power and ethernet wires.
  • Besides that, the router must be able to provide an active internet signal.
  • The placement of the powerline, router, and device must be ideal.
  • Lastly, see the connected device’s web browser version whether it is updated or not.

Power Cycle The Powerline

In addition to those resolving tips, you can choose to reboot the WL NWP505D2 AV500 to get the errors clear. To start this, disconnect the wires from the network and discard the connections as well. Leave the powerline disconnected for some time, meanwhile replace the wires if there is any damage. After a few moments, plug the powerlines again and reconfigure them.

Reset The Powerline

Asides from that approach, you can select the powerline reset function to abolish the errors for always. To execute the process, press the reset button of the WL NWP505D2 AV500 until the LED shows the ideal sign. Now, let the powerline perform the reset process as it will take some time to complete. When this process is complete, do the configuration again.

Hence, the WL NWP505D2 AV500 powerline will come to its working state as you utilize those installation and troubleshooting points. But to get more help with this product, simply call us right away at 716-992-6371 or mail us at support@wifiwavlink.net. We will surely assist you as quickly as we can.

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