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WL WN533A8 AC3000 Router Setup

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The WL WN533A8 AC3000 router setup works effectively with its easy configuration process and turbo feature. After installing this device with its WPS button, use the turbo button to get the best WiFi coverage at your wide place. Read this information to get to know about your WL product and utilize it for the next process.

Login To The WL WN533A8 AC3000 Router Setup

To perform the setup process of the router, do and complete the login process earlier. In order to do this, visit the web-based portal using its web or IP address.

  • Initially, fix the router into a vacant power socket to make it searchable.
  • Then, use any device to make a connection between this and the network.
  • Choose the router’s default SSID from the list for a wireless connection.
  • On the contrary, insert the ethernet wire ends into the device and router’s ports for a wired connection.
  • Then, go to the web browser on that device and search wifi.wavlink.com or in the search bar.
  • Alternatively, you can install the Wavlink app from the Google Play Store on the device.
  • After using any one of the above-mentioned methods, the login window will be on the screen page.
  • Then, fill in the login information in the prompted field to completely finish the login process.
WL WN533A8 AC3000 Router Setup

WPS Process For WL AC3000 Router Setup

The WPS process works like a push-to-use button through which this router can be configured easily.

  • Place and plug the router and modem into the power outlets near each other.
  • Once both devices become ready to make a connection, press the WPS button from any one of them.
  • Soon, use another device’s WPS button and press that for a few seconds.
  • As a result, the LEDs on both devices will notify you about the setup process.
  • After completing the process, relocate the router to the WiFi dead spot areas.
  • In the end, choose any option from the wired and wireless connection to connect your device to the network.

WL WN533A8 AC3000 Router Setup Turbo Button

To get the optimized performance of the router at your bigger place, use its turbo button feature. Through this, your devices will be able to get an internet speed of up to 3000 Mbps. Basically, the eight omnidirectional high-performance antennas and three frequency bands allow the router to deliver this speed. More than that, the dual-core processor of the router handles several tasks and allows every user to surf the 4k videos online.

Other Specifications Of AC3000 Router Setup

In addition to that turbo feature, the WL WN533A8 AC3000 router setup works on beamforming technology. That strengthens the capability to receive and transfer signals to the connected devices and shortens the signal degradation and concentrates more to improve the WiFi coverage.

The 3.0 USB port in the router works 10x faster than the 2.0 USB and provides a data-sharing speed of up to 5120 Mbps. Additionally, to connect more devices to the router, there are some gigabit ethernet ports to which you can connect your other devices such as printers, PC, and gaming gadgets.

Router Firmware Update

To troubleshoot the errors from the router’s working or improve its performance, make its software the latest.

  • Go to the router’s web-based setup page to see the latest updated version.
  • Remove the other connected devices from the router network.
  • Download the new version file on the PC and upload it to the update option.
  • After doing this, start the Firmware Upgrade process and keep the PC on till it finishes.
  • Don’t turn off and unplug the router while performing this process.
  • Later, reboot the router as this process will ask you to do that.
  • Now, connect your device to it again and verify whether the router is performing well or not.

After applying this process, the WL WN533A8 AC3000 router setup will start providing stable and strong internet signals. If you face slow-speed internet, then take solutions from our experts. Choose any option from calling and mailing. To directly talk to us, make a call at 716-992-6371 or drop your doubts at support@wifiwavlink.net.

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