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Brought a Wavlink AC650 home? It is a top choice. You will certainly see and experience an incredible improvement in your wireless connectivity at your home or office. But, to achieve this, you first must complete the Wavlink AC650 setup. It is a must-do process that optimizes the settings of the device and enables it to deliver what it is capable of. If you aren’t sure about the Wavlink AC650 configuration process, we are here to provide you with the necessary assistance.

Wavlink AC650 at a Glance

Wavlink AC650 is a next-generation dual-band wireless WiFi system that promises to give users a smooth and uninterrupted internet experience. It is basically a USB Network Adapter that you can easily attach to your laptop or computer device. There is no need for a router, modem, or ethernet wire with a Wavlink AC650 device. This is because you can directly connect it to your desktop using a USB port. And when it comes to the Wavlink AC650 setup, you can perform it using a CD drive that comes along with the Wavlink kit. But, there are no WPS, web-based, or app-based setup options provided for this device. Coming to the design part, it is slim, sleek, and compact which makes it easier for users to carry and use it.

Furthermore, the device comprises a broad variety of innovative and quality features, though you may find some features missing. This is because of the size and compatibility of the device. It is particularly designed to meet the internet needs of individuals and families. If you need a personalized internet solution at your home or office, no other option can be better than this. On the other hand, if you are looking for 1000 Mbps plus speed, wider coverage, and multiple connections, this device may not fit perfectly to your needs.

Top Features and Components of Wavlink AC650

  • 3dBi Omni Directional External Antennas
  • Adjustable and Foldable Antennas
  • Patent Internal Antenna
  • One USB 2:0 Port (to connect to a computer)
  • One Link LED (status indicator)
  • One CD Driver (for setup)
  • Dual Frequency Bands (2.4 and 5 GHZ)
  • WPA-PSK & WPA2 Security Encryption
  • Access Point Mode
  • Supports Windows, Mac OS X
  • Plug-N-Play
wavlink ac650

Wavlink AC650 Setup Through Driver Installation

To utilize the high-speed internet from your Wavlink AC650 USB Network Adapter, you will first need to set it up. The manufacturer provided only one Wavlink AC650 setup option which is via CD driver installation. If you don’t know the process, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • First, unbox your Wavlink AC650 kit and take out the USB Network Adapter device
  • Attach the external antenna using the instructions provided in the manual (if detached)
  • Insert the device into a compatible USB port on your computer or laptop
  • Once your system detected the USB device, insert the CD driver into the CD-ROM drive
  • Wait for a few seconds and let your system automatically detect the driver file
  • If you see a pop-up message on your device screen, click on it to access the driver’s file
  • If no pop-up message appears, locate the driver’s location and then download the file
  • Extract and unzip the file by using the instruction given in the Wavlink AC650 manual
  • Once done, run the file’s installation by clicking the “Install” button
  • Now, simply perform the moves as instructed on your device’s screen
  • Once the Wavlink AC650 Setup is done successfully, you can start using the internet

Setting Up the Device Via Downloaded File From the Wavlink Site (on Windows)

Except for the above setup option, you can also perform the Wavlink AC650 setup using the downloaded file from the Wavlink website. Generally, users with either no or corrupted CD drivers choose this driver installation and setup process. However, other users can also use this option if the above-explained method doesn’t fit their convenience. Here are the basic steps to follow to perform and complete the Wavlink AC650 setup on a Windows device:

  • Before getting rolling with the installation process, ensure that you have all the crucial setup requirements covered.
  • Unpack the Wavlink USB Network Adapter and then connect it to the device that you are going to use for the installation process.
  • Head to the browser now and visit the official Wavlink website.
  • On the home interface, locate the “Support” option and then go to the “Driver.”
  • Now, click on the exe file and then install it by pressing the “Install” button.
  • Wait for the installation process to be completed and let your system complete the setup.
  • Once done, start using the high-performance internet right away.

Wavlink AC650 Setup on Mac OS Using the Downloaded File From Wavlink Site

If you are a Mac OS user, the Wavlink AC650 setup process will be a little different for you. You need to execute the setup using the instructions we mentioned below:

wavlink ac650 setup
  • Insert the Wavlink AC650 USB Network Adapter into a USB port on your device
  • Download the setup file from the official Wavlink website
  • Find the location of the downloaded file and then click on the exe file
  • Tap on the “Continue” option to move ahead in the process
  • In the next step, click the “Agree” option to accept the terms and conditions
  • On the next interface, simply click the “Continue” option
  • Follow the instructions as given on your device’s screen to complete the installation
  • Your device will be set up and ready for use within a couple of minutes

Top Benefits of Wavlink AC650 Device

As a user, you can enjoy a range of benefits by adding a Wavlink AC650 device to your home’s or office’s wireless network. Some of the top ones include:

  • Uninterrupted and Consistent Connection
  • Direct Access to the Internet
  • No Need to Use the WavRouter App
  • Easy-to-Install System
  • Easy Wavlink AC650 Setup
  • No Hassle of Lengthy Setup Processes
  • Personalized Internet Solution
  • No Need to Login Into the Wavlink Web Portal
  • No Need for Ethernet Cables
  • Multiple Users Allowed
  • Easy to Carry Anywhere

Possible Wavlink AC650 USB Network Adapter Setup Errors and Solutions

Although the speed, coverage, and overall performance of the Wavlink AC650 device are exceptional, it may experience a few errors like any other software-based device. Some of a few errors and their solutions are listed below:

Wavlink AC650 USB Network Adapter Not Detected

If you attached the Wavlink AC650 Network Adapter to your device but your device is unable to detect it, this could be due to improper connection, faulty USB port, etc. Follow the following steps to fix this issue:

  • Reinsert the Wavlink USB Network Adapter into the Port
  • Insert another USB device into your computer’s port to confirm if it is working.
  • Restart your device and try connecting the Wavlink AC650 again.
  • Run an update for your adapter’s driver

Compatibility Issue

Not every laptop, tab, or computer supports Wavlink AC650 USB Network Adaptor. So, if you are unable to connect the Wavlink device to your system, this could be because of the compatibility issue. To resolve this issue, follow the steps below:

  • Install the most recent drivers for your operating system
  • Update the operating system of your device to the latest version
  • Try using another device that might be compatible with Wavlink AC650
  • Make sure to check the compatibility of your system before making a purchase
AC650 Wavlink

Frequent Disconnection

If your Wavlink AC650 USB Network adapter is getting disconnected frequently, the problem could be either in the USB port of your Wavlink device or in the port of your computer system. Check both these parts thoroughly and try to fix the problem. If the port or USB is damaged, it is wise to see them to a technician.

Extending the Lifespan of Your Wavlink AC650 USB Adapter

Since the Wavlink AC650 USB Network Adapter comes with a slim and compact design, it is easy to use and carry. However, at the same time, it is a bit difficult to take care of it. When you will remove this device from your system after usage, you may not find the best place to keep it secure. And if you put it in a random place, it may lead to significant damage. Likewise, the lifespan of your Wavlink AC650 device may decrease. Here are a few best ways to keep your Wavlink AC650 device secure and extend its lifespan:

  • Keep the Wavlink AC650 device in its original kit
  • Use your laptop or desktop bag to keep it secure
  • Put it in a pen stand or a similar box
  • Make a new kit like a pencil color kit to secure it
  • Put it in any safe place at your home or office
  • Do not give it to other persons except for your loved ones
  • Do not let so many people use this device

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