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Wavlink AC3200 Setup

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Brought a brand new Wavlink AC3200 extender kit home? Congrats! This is really a good decision and this would certainly transform your browsing and online streaming experience. However, to achieve an incredible internet experience with your new Wavlink extender device, you first must complete the Wavlink AC3200 Setup. It is mandatory and should be performed correctly or else, your device may not function at its best.

If you aren’t much familiar with the Wavlink AC3200 setup process, relax! We will provide you with the required Wavlink AC3200 extender setup support as we are specialized in this field. For your convenience, we have shared some Wavlink WiFi AC3200 extender setup-related details on this page, but you can also connect to our support team anytime for fast and efficient technical assistance.

Wavlink AC3200 Extender

Wavlink AC3200 (Quantum DAX/WL-WN538A8 AC3200) is known for offering supreme online streaming, gaming, and video conferencing experience. It is a premium-quality WiFi extender device with many remarkable technologies and features including WPS, QoS, MU-MIMO, etc. When it comes to design and size, there is no match. It has an artistic yet professional design and it comes with a compact size which makes it an easy-to-carry device. You can readily carry it anywhere.

Furthermore, the company provides more than a couple of Wavlink AC3200 Setup options that provide configuration flexibility to users. If one setup option doesn’t work, you can use another, and if that wifi.wavlink.com AC3200 Extender Setup option also doesn’t work, you have got one more option. So, as a user, you can expect it to fulfill all your high wireless internet demands, be it ultra-fast speed, more extensive coverage, or better performance.

Wavlink AC3200 Setup

Top Features & Benefits of the Device

  • 4X4 Epochal MU-MIMO Technology
  • Beamforming Technology
  • Enterprise-Class Chipset
  • QoS Feature
  • 3.5” TFT LCD Screen
  • 8 Internal Omnidirectional Antennas
  • Artistic and Professional Design
  • WPA-PSK/ WPA2-PSK Encryption
  • Gigabit LAN and WAN Ports
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Dual Bandwidth (2.4 GHz and 5GHz)
  • 3200 Mbps Data Transfer Speed
  • Broader Coverage
  • Unparalleled Performance

Multiple Wavlink AC3200 Setup Methods

There are multiple configuration options provided by Wavlink including WPS (one-button setup), Web-UI setup, and app-based setup. You can choose any of these Wavlink AC3200 setup options, depending on your choices and comfort. The WPS setup option is the quickest and easiest one but it is not usually recommended by the brand itself. You should go with either Web-UI or App-based configuration options.

If you go with the Web-UI Wavlink AC3200 setup option, you will need to visit the Wavlink login portal using a web browser. On the other hand, if you have decided to use the mobile app for performing the configuration, you will need to download and install the official Wavlink mobile app. Apart from this, you must have other prerequisites handy with you during the configuration process for a faster and smoother Wavlink WiFi AC3200 extender setup.

Web-UI-Based Wavlink AC3200 Extender Setup

  • To start the Wavlink AC3200 setup, plug in the power adapter of your Wavlink AC3200 device.
  • Establish a firm connection between your modem and the Wavlink device with the use of a networking cable.
  • Press the power button on the electrical outlet and then switch on your device.
  • Turn on your PC, Laptop, or mobile phone and then connect it to the Wavlink AC3200 network.
  • Head to a web browser and visit the Wavlink web management page using wifi.wavlink.com or
  • Pick your preferred language from the options available.
  • Login into the portal to start the Wavlink AC3200 setup process.
  • Use “admin” as your user ID and network key.
  • Next, locate the “WAN connection type” option and then select DHCP or Dynamic IP from the available connection types.
  • Set up a new SSID and Password for your new connection and configure the wireless settings of the device.
  • Now, go to the “Internet Settings” and then the “Setup” option to complete the Wavlink AC1300 setup. You simply need to move ahead in the process as per the instructions shown on your device’s screen.
  • Once your Wavlink AC3200 extender setup is completed successfully, you should restart your device before starting to use it.

Performing Wavlink AC3200 Setup Using the App

There is not much difference between wifi.wavlink.com AC3200 Extender Setup and the app-based setup method. The process will be almost the same. The only big difference will be that you will be performing the Wavlink AC3200 setup on the app instead of using a web interface.

Since this is an App-based setup method, you will obviously need to download and install the official Wavlink app. With the help of this app, you will not only be able to set up your device, but also control and manage a variety of WiFi settings. To do the Wavlink WiFi AC3200 extender setup correctly, check out the mandatory steps below:

  • Repeat the first four wifi.wavlink.com AC3200 Extender Setup steps to start the app-enabled setup.
  • Launch the WavRouter application on your device. If you don’t have it installed on your device, install it first.
  • Log in to the Wavlink admin panel using the default login credentials before moving to the Wavlink AC3200 setup part. If you already have an account with Wavlink, you can use your own Wavlink login user ID and password.
  • Locate the setup option in the next step.
  • Select the Wavlink Network from the list of available wireless networks.
  • Rename your network SSID and create a new password for future use.
  • Follow the further instructions to complete the Wavlink AC3200 setup successfully.
  • Once the Wavlink AC3200 extender setup is done, power cycle the device and connect the devices that you want to use.
wavlink ac3200 setup

Fixing the Wavlink AC3200 Setup Errors

Since the Wavlink AC3200 configuration process includes lots of technicalities, you may come across a few errors during the setup process. Some errors are easily identifiable and you can fix them by using the basic troubleshooting steps like restarting the device. However, other errors are tough to recognize and you may find it difficult to resolve them. You can utilize the following steps to fix the Wavlink AC3200 setup errors:

  • Run a Wavlink AC3200 Firmware Update
  • Use Other Device or Browser for the Setup
  • Change the Existing Modem or Router
  • Move to a Better Network Place Within Your Space
  • Kick Off the Objects that Interfere the Radio Waves
  • Reset the Wavlink AC3200 Device to Default Settings
  • Disable the Firewall Settings on Your System
  • Turn off the VPN Proxy If You Enabled One
  • Clear Cache Files and Cookies From Browser
  • Delete Temporary Files from Your System
  • Use a Mobile Phone Instead of a Computer

Steps to Reset the Wavlink AC3200

Resetting the Wavlink AC3200 WiFi device fixes a wide range of technical errors. Whether you are unable to complete the login & Wavlink AC3200 setup or your Wavlink device stops responding to your actions, the reset process will resolve these complex issues. If you don’t know how to perform the Wavlink AC3200 reset, here we have outlined the reset steps below:

  • First, keep in mind that resetting the Wavlink AC3200 device will delete all the crucial data, including the Wavlink username and password. If you are fine with it, then only proceed ahead with the Reset process.
  • Once you make up your mind, locate the “Reset” or “Factory Reset” button on your Wavlink AC3200 device. This will be near the WPS button either on the bottom, rear, or top panel of the device.
  • Press the “Reset” button and keep it pressed for at least 10 seconds. You will notice the Power LED flashing. This means your device is set up for resetting its settings to factory default.
  • Let the Wavlink AC3200 process the reset. Meanwhile, you can wait.
  • Once the “Reset” gets completed, power off your device and then power it on again within a few seconds.
  • Perform the Wavlink AC3200 setup again using any of the available methods. You may not face any sort of technical error again.

Consider Our Wavlink Technical Support Expertise

The above-explained Wavlink AC3200 setup guide should work for you to perform the configuration correctly. However, you may encounter a few obstacles during the process. If you find yourself stuck in the middle of the Wavlink AC3200 Extender Setup process, consider our Wavlink technical support expertise. We assure you to deliver top-notch assistance.

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