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WL WN529K2 N300 Router Setup

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The WL WN529K2 N300 router setup is a product of Wavlink that act as internet signals amplifying device. The push-to-start configuration process allows users to avail of that facility conveniently. Clearly, it enables the devices to remain connected by providing strong internet signals throughout every corner. Keep reading this page for more information about the product.

WL WN529K2 Router Setup Guide

Fortunately, you will get a quick manual guide while you unbox the router-packed box. There will be brief information about the router setup along with the login credentials in that quick guide. More than that, the packaged box will contain a network cable, a power adapter, and the router itself. Prior to starting the further procedure, unwrap the router and attach the antennas to the device. Now, let’s move to the further step.

WPS Method For WL N300 Router Setup

After doing some basic things, join the power adapter cable to the router’s port and the adapter to the electrical socket.

  • As you plug the WL WN529K2 N300 router setup into the power source, its LED will start blinking.
  • Furthermore, plug the existing internet provider device into another outlet near the router.
  • When both devices become ready to connect, press the router’s WPS button first.
  • Next, push the internet device’s WPS button for a short while.
  • The WPS connection will complete soon after the router and device make a connection.
  • In the end, unplug the router and locate it at your desired location.
WL WN529K2 N300

WL WN529K2 N300 Router Setup On App

For this setup method, take your device and use the Google Play Store.

  • Initially, join your mobile to the router’s network either through wire or wireless.
  • Select the accurate network from the device’s network list for a wireless connection.
  • Or join the ethernet wire ends to the router and device’s ethernet ports.
  • Later, open the Google Play Store on the networked device and type Wavlink App in the search bar.
  • Choose the official one from the list and install it on the device.
  • After installing the app, open it and perform the router’s sign-in process.
  • Take the router’s login information from the manual guide and insert it in the login field.
  • After doing this, execute the setup process further by following the app directions appropriately.

In these two ways, the router’s login and setup process will be completed quickly. Next, connect your devices to the router’s network and get seamless internet signals.

WN529K2 Router LED Indications

After configuring the router successfully, keep checking its LEDs frequently to get an uninterrupted internet signal. Use these points to get to know the router’s light indications.

WPS Light– See the router’s WPS light to check the WPS connection strength. As it must be active and in an ideal color.

LAN Light– These LEDs will indicate the working of ethernet connections. Verify the light indication often if there is any wired connection.

Power LED– This light will notify you whether the router is getting a proper electricity supply from the power source or not.

WiFi LED– Lastly, the WiFi light will be in the optimal color condition, if all the devices are well-connected to the router.

Remove The N300 Router Errors

While using the WL WN529K2 N300 router setup, if you face any errors in its working, then use these solving tips.

WL WN529K2 N300 setup
  • Firstly, check the router’s light sign to determine its working.
  • Also, check the wired and wireless connections of the network.
  • Replace the wire if there is any in the broken condition.
  • Moreover, connect the device to the network again.
  • Additionally, change the power adapter and the socket too.
  • Locate the router somewhere else to get better connectivity.
  • Update the device and router’s software version and make the latest.
  • Lastly, reset the router and do the installation and connection again.

We hope that you will be successful in configuring the WL WN529K2 N300 router setup. In addition, there will be no remaining WiFi dead spots at your place. But, if you are not getting the router’s performance as you should, then reach our experts. To do this, make a call at 716-992-6371 or mail at care@wifiwavlink.net. Literally, we will assist you as quickly as we can.

Some Issues You Might Face

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