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WL WN531P3 AC1200 Router Setup

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Installing the WL WN531P3 AC1200 router setup through the app will allow you to take remote management of the device. Though the setup process of the router is so simple, you can do it by using the touch link button, web portal, and WiFi app. Read more information about every method here.

Wavlink Router Setup App Method

In the first process of the router configuration, use any mobile and open its Google Play Store.

  • Firstly, attach the antennas to the router and the power cable as well.
  • Fix the power adapter into the power outlet and turn the switch on.
  • When the router becomes connectable, connect your device to its network.
  • Select the network from the list and fill in the password for a wireless connection.
  • Whereas, inserting the ethernet wire ends into the router and device’s ethernet ports for a wired connection.
  • Following this, launch the Google Play Store on that networked device and search the Wavlink app.
  • Choose the official one from the list and permit your device to install it.
  • After installing the Wavlink app, do the router’s login on the app screen.
  • Insert the router’s login details in the username and password box and click Sign-In.
  • Thereafter, do some basic things such as choosing the region and language from there.
  • Select the Wavlink network from the next page and set a strong password for this.
  • Lastly, make some changes in the router’s advanced settings and place the router where you want a strong signal.

Web-Based Setup For WN531P3 AC1200 Router

Apart from the smart app setup method, open the web browser on the networked device to execute the process.

  • After making the device and network connection successfully, launch any web browser on it.
  • Then, search for wifi.wavlink.com or in the browser’s search panel.
  • Here, wifi.wavlink.com is the router’s web address and is the IP.
  • As you search any one from both, the login window of the router will display on the device screen.
  • After that, do the login there and insert the username and password and click Connect.
  • After visiting the next page, begin the setup process and utilize the screen instructions.
  • Select the network or make a new one and create a strong password for it.
  • Next, finish the process by inserting the basic details in the prompted field.
  • Finally, attach your devices to the router once the network is complete.
WL WN531P3

WPS WL WN531P3 AC1200 Router Setup

Fortunately, the AC1200 router contains a WPS button for the easy configuration method

  • For this process, place the router, extender, and your device at the same place.
  • Plug the router and existing extender into the power outlets.
  • Verify the host extender’s WPS button and make sure it is in the working condition.
  • Now, push the router’s WPS button for a few seconds till the LED starts blinking.
  • Within the next few minutes, push the existing extender’s WPS button and let both devices connects together.
  • After some time, check the LEDs on both devices as those will turn solid soon.
  • Once the connection becomes successful, use the router’s touchlink button to connect your device to it.
  • Further, softly press the router’s touchlink button and tap the device head on that button.
  • Next, let your device accessing and connecting to the router network.
  • As there will be no need to fill in the router password in the field.

Remove Wavlink AC1200 Router Errors

There can be any reason behind the WL WN531P3 AC1200 router setup working issues. But to remove them rapidly, apply these resolving tips. Discard the router antennas and remove it from the power source. Plug it again into another power outlet and connect the devices to it.

Besides that, choose the reset function to bring the router on its default state. Switch the router’s reset button and let it do its resetting. After the completion of the process, configure the router again and verify its working on the device. Also, use a different location and the web browser this time.

We hope that these points are enough for the Wavlink router setup, but if you want more help then reach our experts. Make a call directly at 716-992-6371 or mail at support@wifiwavlink.net.

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