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WL WN530K2 N300 Router Setup

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To get to know more details about the WL WN530K2 router setup’s configuration and usage processes, keep reading the information here. Both processes might be difficult for you if you are a first-time user. But, utilize the directions to execute the procedure easily. Let’s perform the process carefully.

WL WN530K2 N300 Router Setup Overview

This tiny and portable device comes with cutting-edge technology features that make the range-extending process possible. Basically, it works and supports PPPoE, dynamic, static, and IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standards.

Talking about its overview, it has one WAN and WiFi light on its front panel. For the connectivity, there will be 1 WAN, 3 LAN, and 1 power port. Further, it has the WPS and reset buttons for the configuration and reset process. Moreover, two external antennas help the router provide better wireless coverage and stable internet signals.

WL WN530K2 N300 Router Setup

WN530K2 Router Setup Guide

As you unwrap the router’s packaged box, you will hardly get three to four things. These are the router, one RJ-45 network cable, the power adapter, and one quick installation guide. That setup guide will contain brief information about the router. Which will include the login credentials, setup processes, and its default web and IP address. Apart from that, the network cable and adapter will be in the box for router connectivity.

Router Setup Through WPS Button

  • To make and perform the WPS WL WN530K2 N300 router setup process easily, utilize the instructions.
  • Use the power cable and adapter to make the router ready for the further process.
  • Join the cable end to the router’s port and fix the adapter into the power outlet.
  • Later, verify the power light on the router and plug in the modem as well.
  • Use and press the WPS buttons separately on both devices within two minutes.
  • Further, check the LEDs on the router and modem to verify the connecting process.
  • Soon, those lights will notify you about the process completion by showing solid colors.
  • Once you complete the configuration process, connect your other device to the network.
  • Select the network from the list for a wireless connection and use an ethernet wire for a wired one.

Smart App Setup Method

To configure the WL WN530K2 N300 router setup through another method or to make changes in the router’s settings, install the app on your device.

  • First of all, make a stable connection between your device and the router’s network.
  • Following this, go to the Google Play Store and type the Wavlink app in the field bar.
  • Install that app immediately and do the login process by inserting the login credentials in the box.
  • In the next step, select the network from there and allow the app to extend it.
  • Later, create a new SSID network and password to make your network unique and secure as well.
  • In the end, attach more devices to the network and relocate the router to a different place.

After executing the configuration process, make some modifications to the router’s advanced settings. Also, access the guest control of the router to make the usage limited. You can also check the number of connected devices from the app.

Reset The WL WN530K2 N300 Router Setup

To discard the errors from the router’s working and to configure the router again with different settings, reset the router.

  • To do this, locate and push the reset button from the router’s panel.
  • Hold that button till the router’s LED starts showing signs about the process.
  • After a short period of time, the router light will indicate to you the completion of the process.
  • That light will become solid and constant once the router is done with the process.
  • Now, choose any method from the configuration processes to install the router again.
  • Create a different SSID network name and keep in mind some other crucial things while configuring the router this time.

Thus, your WL WN530K2 N300 router setup will be configured with less effort and time in this way. But, if you face issues while using the router, then contact our expert team. Make direct contact by calling 716-992-6371 or mailing to care@wifiwavlink.net. They will be there for you with some relevant solutions.

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