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Wavlink N300 Setup

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Executing the Wavlink N300 setup process will allow you to get several benefits along with a stable internet signal. Such as getting the highest internet speed and eliminating the WiFi dead spots at your place. You can install this device independently, but after getting a thorough overview of the configuration process. To do this easily, read and follow these directions.

Pre-Requirements For Wavlink N300 Setup

Before starting the Wavlink N300 Setup process, keep some prerequisites ready with you to perform the Wavlink n300 wifi range extender setup process. Go through the list of these things.

  • First and foremost is the N300 extender.
  • Also, its login credentials and web or IP address.
  • Your existing router and access to the internet.
  • Further, any device containing a web browser.
  • Lastly, an electrical power socket.

These are the requirements that you will use during the Wavlink N300 setup process.

wavlink n300 extender setup

Do Wavlink N300 Setup Through WPS

Although this is the easiest approach for the Wavlink N300 setup, your existing router must have a WPS button. Utilize these instructions to perform the process.

  • As you get the N300 extender, plug it into an electric socket.
  • Ensure to fix the extender near the router to make a strong connection.
  • After some seconds, the extender will become connectable.
  • Later, use and press the extender’s WPS button till the LED changes color.
  • Within the next two minutes, push the router’s WPS button.
  • When the LEDs on both devices turn indications it means the process is in progress.
  • Now, leave both devices for some time and let them complete the process.
  • In the end, both devices’ LEDs will become constant with a solid color.

Hence, in this way, the Wavlink N300 setup will be configured and ready to connect. Now, connect your devices to the extender and enjoy the highest internet speed.

Wavlink N300 Setup By Using The Web Browser

In case, the WPS button of your existing router doesn’t have or work properly, you can follow another method. In this approach, you will require to use and access any web browser on your device for the Wavlink N300 setup.

wavlink n300 setup
  • After plugging in the Wavlink N300 device, when it becomes ready to configure, take any device and open any web browser.
  • Prior to moving to the next step, connect the device to the Wavlink network.
  • Later, search the extender’s default web or IP address in the search panel.
  • Here the web address is wifi.wavlink.com and is the IP.
  • Type any of them and click enter to visit the sign-in page.
  • As a result, the sign-in page will appear and ask you to fill in the login details.
  • Insert admin as the username and password in the required field.
  • As you do the sign-in, go to the network list on the next page.
  • Select the network that you want to extend and complete the Wavlink N300 Setup.

Note: If you are not able to connect your device to the wireless network, then you can use an ethernet wire. Use this cable and insert one end into the extender and another into the router or device. Fortunately, this wired connection will supply a strong and secure signal to the extender.

Wavlink N300 Setup On The App

Apart from those two approaches, the other Wavlink N300 setup process is through the Wavlink app. Unlike those two processes, you will require to get the Wavlink app on your device to execute this procedure.

  • After making your device networked, open its official app store.
  • Use Google Play Store on your Android device or open the Apple App Store if you are using an iOS device.
  • Get the Wavlink app after allowing your device to install it and open it later.
  • Keep in mind to choose the official and the latest version of the app.
  • Thereafter, do the login on the next page after clicking agree on the app terms and conditions.
  • As you do the login, the Wavlink N300 setup page will appear on the next page.
  • From that page, you can choose the N300 network and click extend after inserting its default password.
  • Finally, connect your other devices to the network choosing its wireless network from the list.

Consider These Points For Better Performance

Equally important to the perfect Wavlink N300 setup, utilize these essential points to get an uninterrupted signal every time. The foremost thing is to verify the extender LED to get to know its performance and connection strength. That light must be showing an ideal color.

Besides that, don’t place the extender too near or too far from the router and connected device. In addition, the wireless network and ethernet wire that you have used for the connection must be accurate and well-working respectively. Try different locations and web browsers to verify the Wavlink extender’s performance.

Update Firmware File

Undoubtedly, the extender’s firmware update is an important factor in its flawless working. To do this, visit the Wavlink N300 setup page and check for updates accordingly.

  • To begin with, check the extender’s current firmware version and the latest one as well.
  • Download that new file according to the Wavlink extender model number.
  • Thereafter, go to the Firmware Update option and upload that file there.
  • After uploading that file, start the updating process, and don’t turn off the PC.
  • Leave the PC to finish the process and after that, reboot the PC and the extender.
  • Finally, the Firmware Update process is complete and the extender becomes connectable.

After completing this process, do some testing of the extender to check it’s working.

Reboot The N300 Extender

While using the extender’s network, if you start getting errors in its working, then reboot the device. But, before performing this process, try to verify some other points such as the extender’s placement, signal interference, connection strength, and advanced settings. Make some changes in these points if required, but if the error still persists, then try power cycling it.

Take the extender out from the power socket and leave it disconnected for a few minutes. After that, choose another socket and another location too to locate the extender. See the extender’s LED to check the working and connect your devices to it later. Doing so will enable you to get the Wavlink N300 setup error fixed in less time.

Reset The Extender

The other foolproof solution to resolve the extender’s errors is resetting and reconfiguring it. To do this, press and hold the reset button from its back or side panel and wait till the process is complete. Once you are done with the reset process, do the Wavlink N300 setup again. Choose any method from those processes and execute that carefully using the setup details perfectly.

With the help of these configurations and other points, we hope you will be successful to execute the entire procedure. However, if you get any difficulties during the Wavlink N300 setup process, contact us by calling +1 408-477-8750 or by mailing at care@wifiwavlink.net to get assistance.

Some Issues You Might Face

If you are facing any issues then please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

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FAQs On Wavlink N300 Setup

No, the Wavlink N300 device works on a single 2.4GHz band and provides up to 300Mbps internet speed. It helps users to use and play online games and stream live music and other videos.

There may be faults in the wireless or wired connection that you have made. Your existing router might not provide a good signal to the Wavlink extender. The wrong placement of the extender can be another factor for this condition.

Locate and press the extender’s reset button for a few seconds and let it perform the factory reset process. Also, keep an eye on its LED to verify the process. When the extender’s reset is complete, its configuration settings will be discarded and you will need to do the Wavlink N300 setup again.

Visit the extender advanced settings option on the Wavlink N300 setup window in the web browser. Later, go to the advanced settings option and do changes. Lastly, don’t skip hitting the Save button to apply and implement those changes.

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