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WiFi 5 Router Setup

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The powerful and cutting-edge devices of the WiFi 5 router setup will allow you to get better connectivity and the best coverage of the internet. It really doesn’t matter, whether you want this device for your home or office, there will be no remaining WiFi dead spots left at the place after installing this.

A number of models come under this series of routers with easy setup processes such as the WPS button and the touch link button. After configuring your router with the WPS method, you will be able to connect your devices to the network by using its touch link feature. Keep reading this information and continue the further process.

Wavlink 5 Router Setup Guide

To get to know the router’s product overview and its other details such as login and web or IP address. Use its quick setup guide that you will receive in the router’s packed box. Fortunately, there will be brief information about the product. From installing the device easily to making use of it effectively, that guide will contain points on every process. So, go through that guide once to make the process simpler.

WL WN533A8 AC3000 Router Setup Through WPS

To install this device in less time and effort, use its WPS button. As this process doesn’t require the use of any web browser and its login details.

  • To do this process, unbox and unwrap the router from the packaged box.
  • Now, plug the router into the power socket using a power adapter.
  • Turn the power button on to make the router ready for the next process.
  • At the same time, plug the existing modem into another power outlet.
  • Make sure to place both devices closer so the connection will be strong.
  • After waiting a while, press the WPS button on any device from both.
  • Within the next few minutes, press another device’s WPS button.
  • When both devices are connected together, attach your device to it.
WL WN533A8 AC3000 Router Setup

Pre Requirements For Another Setup Processes

Apart from the WPS procedure, the other configuration processes such as the Web-based and App methods have some prerequisites. So, be sure to collect these earlier.

  • Your current active modem with its SSID name and password.
  • The wavlink router along with login and other details.
  • More than that, the power and ethernet wires to make a connection.
  • Any device and access to the web browser and Google Play Store.

Web-Based WIFi 5 Router Setup

Once you collect the things that the setup process will require, start the setup process immediately.

  • After doing the formal things, like plugging the router, take your device.
  • Choose anyone from the wireless and wired connection.
  • Open the network list on the device and fill in the password to connect.
  • Whereas using an ethernet wire to make or get a stable wired connection.
  • Next, launch any web browser on the network-connected device.
  • Do search for the WiFi 5 router setup’s web-based portal on that.
  • Type anyone from wifi.wavlink.com and to proceed with this.
  • As you search for this, the router’s login window will display on the screen,
  • Enter admin as the username and password in the required field there.
  • Later, execute the installation process and create a different SSID network.
  • Unplug the router and plug and place it in the WiFi dead zone areas.
  • Now, attach more devices to the router after completing the process.

Models And Features Of WiFi 5 Router Setup

Mainly, there are more than 10 gadgets that support 5 router series. Some models of this series are WN538A8 AC3200, WN533A8 AC3000, WN529B3 AC1200, and so on. All of these devices work almost on the same strategy and technical features. The beamforming feature in these routers works to detect the location of the networked devices.

Moreover, this will send more concentrated signals to the devices simultaneously. The turbo button on the router’s panels will make the performance optimized, all you have to do is to press this button once. Surprisingly, if your requirement is more, you can use its ethernet ports to connect several devices to it. Last but not the least, to share bigger files through a router, there will be a USB port on its panel.

Troubleshoot The 5 Router Setup Errors

In any case, if your device starts disconnecting from the router network, use these resolving points.

  • See for the router’s LEDs to check its working and connectivity.
  • Make sure your device is connected well to the network.
  • The used wireless network and wires must be accurate and working.
  • Try a different location and a different web browser on the device.
  • Also, update the networked device’s web-browser version.
  • Reset the router by using its reset button from the panel.

These tips will surely work for your router’s errors to eliminate them quickly. If these still persist, then get help from our experts via call 716-992-6371 or mailing at support@wifiwavlink.net. Simply make a call to directly talk with us or drop your queries in the mail.

Some Issues You Might Face

If you are facing any issues then please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

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Yes, almost all of the routers have the WPS button that is compatible and can be connected to every other type of modem. In fact, the WPS button is a basic feature of all wireless devices these days.
You can visit the web-based setup page of the router to install your device. Open the web browser on the networked device and search for the router’s web or IP address. Do the login on to the next page and start the setup process after that. Choose the network from the screen page and fill in some basic required things.
Open the web-based setup page of the router and then tap administration. Select the Firmware Upgrade option and download the latest file. Upload the file and start the process on the same page. Soon, the updating process will be finished.