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Although to configure the Wavlink router, extender, or powerline, you can mainly use two-three methods. The former is through the WPS button and the latter is by visiting the web-based setup page. Obviously, the WiFi repeater setup comes under the second method. In order to visit the Wavlink setup page, you will need to search for this IP address in any web browser. So, to use this thing appropriately, follow these directions.

What Does The IP Address Mean?

The IP is the Internet Protocol address which is a unique number of a PC or other network-connected device. In simple words, it works to communicate among computers and other devices. Each device has its own different IP address whether it is a PC and router or extender. Clearly, in the configuration process of the extender and router, there will be a requirement to use the default IP address.

For Wavlink WiFi devices, you can use the IP address to access the web login portal and perform a variety of functions. All you need to do is to put in the Wavlink IP address on the search bar of a search engine like Google. You will land on the Wavlink login portal within a few seconds. After that, you can readily perform the WiFi repeater setup process by following the instructions given in the manual or on your device’s screen.

Wavlink Login On Web Browser

You can use this IP address to access the wavlink’s login page on any web browser. To execute this process, utilize these instructions.

  • In the first step, plug the Wavlink router or extender into a vacant power socket and press the ON button.
  • On the other hand, take your Wi-Fi-containing device and connect it to the wireless network.
  • Once the connection is complete, open the web browser on that device.
  • Then, in the browser’s search bar, insert the http://wifi.wavlink.com or http // wifi repeater and click enter.
  • In case you face a not working error, use the default web address.
  • As a result, the browser will redirect you to the sign-in page where the sign-in field will show on the screen.
  • Following this, use and type the admin login password there and click Sign-In.
  • Finally, the wifi repeater login will be complete in this way.

Manual Method To Access The Login Page

In addition to the WiFi repeater setup method, you can choose the manual way to visit the login page. Use your PC or laptop and an ethernet cable for this process. Make sure the ethernet cable is working well.

wavlink manual setup
  • After plugging in your Wavlink device, take an ethernet wire and a laptop or PC.
  • Now, insert the wire’s end into the router or extender and another end into the laptop’s ethernet port.
  • Verify that connection before moving to the next step of the process.
  • When the connection is done, launch any web browser on that connected device.
  • In the browser’s search bar, insert the IP address ( and click the search option.
  • On the next screen page, you will see the login box containing the username and password.
  • Next, type admin as the username and the password and tap Sign-In.
  • Thus, you will be done with the WiFi repeater setup process.
  • Later, use the browser’s screen instructions to perform the ap.setup/192168.10.1 process. WiFi Repeater Setup Steps

Once you finish the Wavlink Login process, you will need to do the setup. Here are the steps to follow to perform the WiFi Repeater Setup:

  • Before you start, ensure that you have all the setup requirements covered. From Wavlink login credentials and WiFi network details to a high-performance device, you must have all these things before you start.
  • Your first step should be running a wire from your modem or router to your Wavlink device to establish a connection.
  • Once done, plug in your Wavlink WiFi device and then connect your computer or mobile device to it via a wired or wireless connection.
  • In the next step, launch the WiFi Repeater Setup portal on the web. This is where you will be configuring your Wavlink device.
  • Log in to your Wavlink account if you have one, but if you don’t have one, use the default login credentials to complete the mandatory login process.
  • On the dashboard, navigate to the “Setup” option and select your device. For example, if you have a router, select a router.
  • Find out the SSID of the network that you want to configure and then simply keep moving ahead in the WiFi Repeater Setup process by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Your device will be configured within minutes and it will be all set to broadcast its network all across your space.

Resolving Tips For Errors

In any case, if you experience an error while doing the WiFi repeater setup to log in, use these troubleshooting tips. But, before moving to the resolving points, look for the reasons behind this.


Not A Good Connection

There can be a probability that the connection you have made is weak or interrupted. Your device may be connected to the wrong wireless network or the ethernet wire is broken. This is why you are getting errors in the login process.

Inaccurate IP Address

Besides that, you might use or type the wrong IP address in the browser’s search panel. As each device has its own unique IP address and even one single wrong digit in this address can cause errors.

Disrupted Router’s Working

Last but not least, your existing router may not be functioning well or have some interruptions while providing signals. This can be a reason that the web browser is not able to access the login page.


After verifying those above-mentioned steps, take the appropriate solutions and steps to get the WiFi repeater setup error fixed.

Unplug The Router/Extender

Undoubtedly, this is the first and easiest method to remove the setup errors. To do this, unplug the Wavlink gadget and disconnect your devices too. Leave these devices unplugged for some time and plug them in again. Later, Connect your device to it and try to visit the login page.

Use The Correct IP Address

While inserting the IP address in the browser’s search bar, double-check it once so that there will be no mistakes. In fact, try to copy and paste this IP address into the search panel.

Reset The Router Or Extender

Apart from that, choose the WiFi repeater reset function to bring it to its default settings. Press and hold that button for a few seconds and let the device perform its reset process. After resetting it, connect the device to it and use the setup for logging in.

Therefore, you will get success to perform the WiFi Repeater setup process conveniently. However, if you face any error during the procedure, you can contact us to get help. To do this, simply call us at 716-992-6371 or mail us at support@wifiwavlink.net. We will surely assist you as quickly as possible.

Some Issues You Might Face

If you are facing any issues then please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

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FAQs On Setup

Search in the browser’s search panel and go to the Advanced settings on the next page. Do the changes that you want and click the Save option to save them.

You can access the login page by searching the device’s default IP address in the search bar. Fill in the IP address and click enter. On the next screen page, enter admin as the username and the password in the required field and click Login.

First, go to the wavlink’s default web-based setup page and then wireless settings. Then, select the Password option under Security and choose the protocol for which you want to change the password. Thereafter, create a new password and click on the Save option.