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To execute the router setup process through the web browser and the smart app, you will require to do the login first. Also, if you want to do some modifications to the router’s advanced settings, you will need to do the same. This can be difficult if you are doing it for the first time but the brief information here will work for you. So, make use of these directions perfectly.

wavlink setup

Wavlink Router Login Default Credentials

As you get the Wavlink router, there will be a manual setup guide in the packaged box along with the router itself. This will give you brief information about the product including its specifications and other things. Also, the router’s default login details such as username and password will be included in that manual guide. So, it is advisable to go through that guide once to get to know the router’s login credentials. That you will require in the Wavlink router login and setup process. Alternatively, you can take and note down this from the router’s panel, these details will be mentioned on it. In most cases, admin is the default login credential for the router which you can change later from the web management portal.

Wavlink Router Default Web And IP Address

To access the router’s web-based login window, there will be a requirement to use the router’s web or IP address. Searching any address from them will redirect you to the Wavlink router login portal. Here, the default web address of the router is wifi.wavlink.com and the IP address is So, note down these details and use them appropriately while accessing the login page for the Wavlink router setup page. Make sure to use them with keeping in mind the spacing, numeric, and other characters. So that, there will be no difficulty to visit the Wavlink router login window.

Login To Wavlink Router

Basically, there are two different ways that you can try out to access the Wavlink router login page. Choose any of these processes and reach out to the login page easily.

  • Through web browser
  • On the smart app

Web Browser Login Method

For this process, take your device and use the default web/IP address to reach out to the Wavlink router login page.

  • Once you connect the router to the power socket, there will be a network start appearing in the wireless networks list.
  • Then, take your device to make a connection between it and the router.
  • Choose the network from the list and insert the default password in the field.
  • On the contrary, you can attach your device to the router through a wired connection using an ethernet cable.
  • When the device becomes networked, open the latest web browser on it.
  • Next, search for the default web or IP address in the search bar to visit the login portal.
  • Thereafter, fill in the sign-in details in the required field and click on the Sign-In option.
  • However, use the default login credentials as you are doing this process for the first time.
  • As a result, the wavlink router login process will complete in this way.
wavlink router setup

Smart App Login Process

Apart from that method, you can install the wavlink app from the App Store of the networked device for the Wavlink router login process. The WiFi app will also allow you to do the Wavlink router setup, and manage the network.

  • To do this, open the Google Play Store on your Android mobile.
  • On the other hand, you will require to use the Apple App Store for your iOS device.
  • Use your preferred device from these two to carry out the Wavlink router login process easily.
  • Search for the Wavlink app in the search field and select the right one from the list.
  • Allow your device to launch the app and wait till it completes the installation.
  • Ensure that you are choosing the latest version of the app and that must be official.
  • After installing the app, open it and the login window will be on the screen.
  • Insert the sign-in details in the prompted field and click Sign-In later.
  • Use the default login details if you have not changed them till now.
  • Thus, you will be successful in the wavlink router login process.
  • In the end, use the screen directions for the further Wavlink router setup process.

Wavlink Router Setup After Login

wavlink router setup
Once you finish the Wavlink router login process, you can perform the setup process from the next page. Fortunately, the device’s screen will walk you through every step of the Wavlink router setup process. So, choose the network from the list and utilize the screen instructions carefully and apply them till the end. Moreover, you can change the router’s settings to get optimized performance and make the network safe and prevent hackers as well.

More than that, set a different SSID network name and a unique password for the network. After logging in and setting up the device, connect your other devices to the network. For a wired connection, use an ethernet wire and insert its ends into the router and device’s ports. On the other hand, choose the wireless network from the list for a wireless connection. In the end, unplug the router and place it in a different location where you face slow internet speed.

WPS Setup For Router

Asides from those configuration processes, the WPS setup is another approach that you can try out for the Wavlink router setup. But, prior to starting the setup process, ensure to verify the existing modem’s WPS compatibility. As both devices must be capable of working on the WPS feature for this setup process. If your modem is compatible then, execute the process and complete it within a few minutes.

  • Set the best location for both WiFi devices and keep the electrical appliances far away.
  • After making them configurable, locate and use the WPS buttons from the panels.
  • Press the dedicated WPS button from the Wavlink router and your modem.
  • Meanwhile, keep checking the light indications on both devices to get to know the process condition.
  • When the LEDs turn stable and solid, it means the Wavlink router setup is complete now.
  • Finally, unplug the router from the current power socket and move it to another place.
  • Be sure to locate it while keeping it within the modem’s range for uninterrupted signals.

Troubleshoot The Login Issues

There could be a case, you start facing login errors during the Wavlink router login process. Such as the login page is not accessible, the login credentials are not working, or any other difficulty related to the router. This usually happens when you misspelled the web or IP address in the browser’s search bar. Or you use the username and password in the wrong sequence. But, use these troubleshooting tips to get the login error clear.

Verify The Login Details

During the login process, if your screen shows the “incorrect password” message, this means you are making a mistake while typing it. Basically, the router password is case-sensitive and you will be required to use it in the right manner. So, verify this thing twice before clicking on the Sign-In button, in fact, you can turn on the “Show Password” option to check it.

Insert The Details On Time

While attempting the above-mentioned point, you must fill in the password in less time and click login as well. The more time you will take for doing this, the more will be the chances that you see an “Connection Timed Out” message on the screen. Clearly, the login page will not be accessible to you. So, keep in mind the timing while typing the login details on the page.

wavlink router setup

Check The Connection

After trying those two methods, if the Wavlink router login page is still not accessible, then must check the device’s connectivity. Probably, you are trying those points accurately, but your device might not be strongly attached to the network. This could be due to the interrupted internet signals from the modem’s backend. So, examine this point also and try accessing the page now.

Troubleshoot The Setup Errors

Luckily got success in the login process, but now, the setup errors are preventing you from executing the process. If this thing happens, you will remain deprived of using and enjoying the network as your router is not set up. So, use and apply these points appropriately to the router while doing the Wavlink router setup, so that there will be no error.

Power Cycle The Router

If you encounter any difficulty in the setup process, there can be a chance that you are following the steps imperfectly. In another case, your router might have an unidentified technical glitch in it. So, just reboot the router once and try to do the Wavlink router setup again after waiting for some time. This simple method can help you a lot to have a successful and error-free setup process for sure.

Choose A Wired Connection

Besides that, the intermittent connection can be a major cause that can create issues in the process. But, there is no doubt that wired connections are more stable and uninterrupted than wireless ones. The well-working ethernet cable is capable of transferring signals with more strength and stability directly to the device. So, you must prefer to make a strong connection between your device and the Wavlink router.

Reset The Router

If everything fails from those above-mentioned points, then try to reset the router. This will surely help you to get the issue fixed within a few minutes and you can accomplish the process hassle-free. For this process, locate and press the dedicated reset button on the router. Hold that button till you see the blinking light on its panel. Once it turns solid or off, do the Wavlink router setup with accurate information.

Thus, the above-mentioned information will be useful for you to execute the process easily. However, if you experience any issues while doing the process, then take our Wavlink router setup and login assistance. Simply call our experts right away at 716-992-6371 or drop your doubts at Care@wifiwavlink.net. We will handle and resolve your case as quickly as possible.

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