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WL WN530H4 AC1200 Router Setup

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The Wavlink WL WN530H4 AC1200 router setup with an easy WPS configuration process allows users to improve internet signal coverage. Also, for a strong internet signal, it enables users to make a wired connection through a LAN port. Interestingly, both processes are so simple, all you need to get to know is their overview once. So, keep going on to these instructions.

WPS Method For AC1200 Router Setup

As the WL WN530H4 AC1200 router setup comes with a WPS configuration button, use this option to set up the router.

  • In the first place, attach the antennas to the router in the right way.
  • Then, join the power adapter into the router’s port and into a power socket.
  • Place the router near the existing internet provider device for better connectivity.
  • Also, check the internet provider device’s WPS button working.
  • Press the router’s WPS button softly for a short while first.
  • Next, push the internet provider device’s WPS button to make a connection.
  • Within the next few minutes, both devices will be able to connect together.
  • Finally, connect your device to the network either wireless or wired.
WL WN530H4

WL WN530H4 AC1200 Router Setup On Web

Besides that installation approach, you can visit the router’s default web-based setup page to execute the process.

  • Once the router becomes ready to connect, make a connection between the device and the network.
  • Either create a wireless connection or wire by using the network and an ethernet wire.
  • Select the network from the list for a wireless connection or insert the ethernet wire ends into the device and router’s ports.
  • When the Connection Successful message appears on the device screen, open any web browser on it.
  • Ensure the web browser is of the latest version and working well.
  • Then, search for the router’s web address which is wifi.wavlink.com in the browser’s search bar.
  • You can also type IP address instead of the web address.
  • After visiting the router’s login portal, fill in the sign-in credentials in the required field and click Sign-In.
  • Once you are done with the sign-in process, start performing the setup process.
  • Later, choose the SSID from the list or create a new one and set a strong password.
  • Also, use the directions that you will see on the web browser screen.
  • Lastly, attach your devices to the network and get strong internet signals.

Solutions For WL WN530H4 Router Setup Issues

In any case, there is any error occurs in the router working due to any reason, follow the below-mentioned tips.

  • First, check whether the router’s antennas are well-connected or not.
  • Also, look over the router’s LED indication to find out the source of the error.
  • If the router light is not in an ideal condition, then unwrap the router.
  • Here, unplug the router and discard its antennas and the connections too.
  • Later, attach the router’s parts together and plug the router into the power socket.
  • Additionally, connect your devices to the network and check it’s working.

Update The Router Firmware

To get the router improved working, keep its software version up-to-date every time.

wavlink firmware update
  • For this process, visit the official web-based page of the router.
  • Check the router’s latest firmware version accordingly.
  • Further, download and save the latest file on your PC.
  • Soon, go to the router’s web-based page and select the firmware update option.
  • Upload the file there and click on the Update Firmware tab to start the process.
  • Afterward, the process will complete in a few minutes and the router will require to reboot.
  • Restart the router and connect the device to its network.
  • Finally, do some testing on the router’s performance as it will start to perform well now.

Reset The Router

Resetting the router is another way to eliminate errors. But, choose this method if required as the router’s configured settings will discard after this process.

  • Initially, disconnect your devices from the router network.
  • After that, find and press the reset button of the router from its panel.
  • Press that button till the router’s LED starts giving notifications.
  • As a result, the router will finish the reset process and turn the LED stable.
  • After completing this method, reconfigure the router by using any method.
  • Now, make a wired or wireless connection between the router and the device.

After implementing these troubleshooting tips to the router, you will get an effective performance. However, if the router is not providing fast internet speed, then contact our experts. Make a call at 716-992-6371 or mail at care@wifiwavlink.net.

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