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WiFi 6 Router Setup

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The WiFi 6 series of Wavlink routers includes devices with the most powerful and cutting-edge technical features. Which allows routers to offer the highest speed of the internet with more stability. The touch link configuration process of the router and the App setup method are the two easiest procedures for the router setup. Through this, users can avail of the router’s features with less effort and time. However, to get this feature at your place, you must get to know more information about the router devices. So, keep going on to these instructions.

Features Of Wavlink WiFi 6 Routers

Mainly, this series contains three router models such as WN530G3 AC1200, WN531AX2 AX1800, and WN531MX3 AX3000. The basic technical features of all these routers are listed below.

  • These routers conform with IEEE 802.11 ax-ac-a-n-g-b standards.
  • The AX standards of the frequency bands work faster than the AC standards.
  • Which provides the highest internet speed of up to 2400Mbps.
  • The MU-MIMO technology in these devices allows a number of devices to get signals simultaneously.
  • Moreover, these routers work on PPPoE, dynamic IP, and static IP access to the internet.
  • The touch link connecting process allows users to connect the device without inserting the router’s login and other details.
  • In addition, the cloud app setup method provides access to network management quickly.
  • The WN530G3 router setup comes with detachable antennas that can be folded easily.
  • These antennas improve the signals receiving sensitivity and delivering ability of the router.
  • Additionally, this router supports the AP mode to transform the wired connections to the wireless network.
  • The USB ports in the routers make the file-sharing or transferring process simple.
  • Lastly, through the router’s ethernet ports, the connected devices will get uninterrupted signals every time.

WPS WL WN530G3 AC1200 Router Setup

Interestingly, the WL WN530G3 AC1200 router setup supports the WPS configuration button that can be installed with some simple steps.

  • For this method, unbox the router and plug it into an electrical socket.
  • Check the existing modem WPS functionality and plug this device also.
  • Following this, push the WPS button from the router’s front panel.
  • Verify the WPS light of the router as it will notify you about the process.
  • Also, use the host modem’s WPS button and press it for the connection.
  • As a result, both LEDs will start giving the optimal signs with solid colors.
  • Which means the router is configured and connected successfully.
  • Finally, choose a wired or wireless method to attach your device with it.
wn530g3 setup

Thereafter, unplug the router and locate it in the WiFi dead spot area to get better internet coverage at that place. Ensure to keep this device within the range of the modem’s signals.

Smart App WL WN531AX2 AX1800 Router Setup

Besides that, the cloud smart app of Wavlink is another method to configure the router shortly. Use your device and install this app to perform the procedure.

  • After plugging in the router, connect your device to its network.
  • Later, visit the Google Play Store on your android mobile.
  • Search for the Wavlink cloud app in the Play Store and choose the official one.
  • Wait till the installation process completes, and open the app after that.
  • Choose the language and fill in the login credentials in the required field.
  • After logging in to the router, begin the configuration process immediately.
  • From there, you can create a new SSID network and set up the password.
  • Or choose the existing network from the list and fill in the password.

After executing the process, you can make some changes to the network’s advanced settings. Try to create a strong password for the SSID network.

WL WN531MX3 AX3000 Touch Link Method

To configure this router, choose the Cloud App method and use its touch link feature to connect your devices to it.

  • For this process, install the Wavlink app on the networked device.
  • Later, complete the configuration process by following the app directions.
  • Thereafter, use your other device and tap its head on the router’s touch link panel.
  • Allow and let the device scan and connect to the router’s network itself.
  • There will be no requirement to manually fill in the password in the field.
  • In this way, you will be successful in connecting the guest device to the network without using the router’s details.

Troubleshooting Ways For WiFi 6 Router Setup Errors

Unfortunately, there might be a probability that the WiFi 6 router setup starts working faulty. There could be any reason behind this situation, from the router or modem’s end. Apply these solving tips to the network to get the issues removed.

Change The Router Placement

There may be a chance that the router is too far away from the modem and not getting adequate signals. Or the router is in the touch of metallic and electrical items which are absorbing the signals. So, relocate the router and place it near the modem to get strong signals. Soon, the router will start providing signals with more strength.

Update The Router’s Software

To get the router’s performance to its effective state, keep its software version up-to-date. To do this, check the router’s firmware version on which it is currently operating. If it is outdated, then download the new one and visit the web-based portal of the router. Click on the Update Firmware option there and perform this till the last.

Keep These Points In Mind

While using the router network, consider some points that will enable you to use it optimally. Look for the router’s light indications frequently to get to know it’s working. Make a wired connection instead of a wireless one and use the new ethernet wire. Set up a unique SSID network name and take access to the guest control from the app.

Hence, this useful information will make the WiFi 6 router setup’s work to its best level. However, if you experience any issue again in its performance, then don’t think twice to get in touch with us. Make a call at 716-992-6371 or mail support@wifiwavlink.net to reach our technicians.

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