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Wavlink AC1300 Setup

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The Wavlink AC1300 extender is a high-tech dual-band wireless extender designed with innovation. By having a USB connectivity feature, it is renowned as an AC1300 USB adapter. Fortunately, the Wavlink AC1300 setup process doesn’t require much effort and time, all you will need to do is press its WPS button after installing its driver. But, for doing the Wavlink AC1300 extender setup easily, you must get familiar with the entire setup process. So, here is a brief information on the setup, that you can try out to execute the process.

Wavlink AC1300 Drivers Installation

As you unbox the Wavlink ac1300 extender, you will receive the USB adapter itself along with its USB cable. More than that, there will be a quick setup guide and its drivers CD. Here we recommend you go through the setup guide once to get to know about your product. Later, use that driver’s CD to start the Wavlink AC1300 setup process. Alternatively, you can download the official Drivers from the product manufacturers’ site.

After downloading that, attach the AC1300 USB adapter to the PC’s USB port. Make sure the laptop or PC you are using is running on the latest window version. Thereafter, find the Wireless LAN driver zip on the PC and install the extender’s drivers by using the screen directions till the last point. The setup file name will be visible similarly to the “Setup.exe”.

Wavlink AC1300 Setup through WPS Process

Once you are done successfully with the extender’s drivers installation, do its configuration using the WPS two-tap process. Make use of these simple points.

  • To start the Wavlink AC1300 setup, place your Wavlink device near the router.
  • Check the power lights signs on the extender and the router as well.
  • Ensure to check the router’s WPS compatibility, before doing the process.
  • Thereafter, press the WPS button from the extender for almost 6 seconds.
  • Within the next 2 minutes, press the WPS button from the router’s panel.
  • Finally, verify the WPS lights on both devices after waiting for some time.
  • Your Wavlink AC1300 setup through WPS is successfully completed
wavlink ac1300 setup

Wavlink AC1300 Extender AP Setup Mode

The wireless USB AC1300 adapter also supports the AP setup mode that can work as a hotspot to make a multi-device sharing network. Which will enable you to get stable and optimized internet signals for your devices.

  • To use this feature, access the extender’s wireless settings on your networked device.
  • Then, choose the Mode option and click on the Access Point mode option from there.
  • In the next Wavlink AC1300 Setup step, click on the “Config” tab under General to make a new WiFi network.
  • From there, change the WiFi SSID name, enter the network key, and choose network authentication.
  • In this way, the extender will start operating as the AP network and you can connect more devices to it.

Wavlink AC1300 Setup Using the wifi.wavlink.com

Except for the WPS setup, users can also set up their Wavlink AC1300 extender device using the official Wavlink web portals. The first web portal that you can utilize for the setup is wifi.wavlink.com while the second one is the official Wavlink IP address which is You can use any of these Wavlink AC1300 setup portals to complete the login and configurations. Here are the standard steps that you should follow to perform the configuration:

  • Start with ensuring that you have covered all the basic steps. From a fast internet connection and a modem to a WiFi-enabled device, you have these all.
  • Take an ethernet cable and connect it to your modem from one end and insert the other end into your Wavlink AC1300 extender device.
  • Power on your AC1300 device and wait for the Power LED to turn solid.
  • Turn on your mobile or laptop device and then connect it to your Wavlink extender network. You can use a wired or wireless connection for this.
  • In the next step, head over to the official Wavlink AC1300 setup portal which is wifi.wavlink.com. You can also use the IP address of the Wavlink instead.
  • On the first web interface, navigate to the login option, tap on it, and then complete the login process by using your login credentials.
  • Find out the Wavlink AC1300 network SSID that you want to set up or extend on the next interface and then go ahead with the setup process.
  • Now, simply perform the steps as directed to finish the Wavlink AC1300 setup.

Wavlink AC1300 Extender Technical Specifications

Wavlink AC1300 Extender

Basically, the AC1300 extender supports dual frequency bands which are 2.4GHz and 5GHz. These are capable of offering internet speed of up to 1300 Mbps without lagging or dropping in the connections. The 2.4GHz band is mainly responsible for better wall penetration and another band is to deliver the fastest speed with more stability. Users can take advantage of these features only after completing the Wavlink AC1300 setup.

The USB 3.0 port for connectivity is far better than the USB 2.0 for signal transmission. Furthermore, the 3dbi 2 high-power antennas of the extender enhance the reception and transfer of the network for stronger connections. Lastly, this Windows and Mac-compatible device can work as the AP and station modes.

Troubleshooting Tips For The Wavlink AC1300 Extender Setup

If after doing the Wavlink AC1300 setup, you are unable to use the network, there might be an error in its Drivers installation. Maybe you installed the faulty drivers or that is not exact to your extender model. So, verify them once on the device manager on the networked PC. Right-click on the Computer option and go to the Device Manager and click on the Network Adapters. See whether the right drivers are installed or not. If not, then download the official drivers from the official website and do the installation again.

You can also try out the following Wavlink AC1300 setup troubleshooting steps to fix the errors you may be experiencing:

  • Move to a better network place
  • Decrease the distance between the modem and your Wavlink AC1300 extender
  • Adjust the position of the antennas
  • Change your modem or router
  • Update the firmware of your devices if needed
  • Check if you are using the correct login credentials
  • Optimize the WiFi settings
  • Restart the Wavlink extender or your router
  • Reset the device to its factory default settings
  • Try performing the Wavlink AC1300 setup using different a method

Check The LED Indications

If the Wavlink WC1300 setup problem persists, then try to check the different light indicators on the extender. Doing so will enable you to recognize the source of the error in the network.

  • Blinking Fast- This sign shows that the extender is connected to the PC, Drivers are installed, and searching for WiFi signals.
  • Blinking Slowly- This means that the extender is disconnected from the WiFi signal, but attached to the PC.
  • Solid Light- When the extender is connected to the PC, this light will appear on the panel.
  • Blink Fast Solid- The extender is connected and the data is transmitting.

We anticipate that you will start enjoying the network greatly, but if you get any errors during the Wavlink AC1300 setup, contact our experts. They will easily let you remove that error from the extender by providing some solutions.

Some Issues You Might Face

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