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WiFi 4 Router Setup

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To get strong and stable internet signals or to extend the host router’s range, installation of any device of the WiFi 4 router setup series can be a preferable option for you. The latest and superior inbuilt chips in the 4 series routers allow them to make and deliver stable signals.

From configuring the device easily through the WPS button to using it simply through its touch link button, you can get both facilities conveniently. No matter which model your router is, you can configure this by reading and understanding the entire process. So, take brief information from here about the procedure.

Smart App WL WN529R2 N300 Router Setup

To install the WL WN529R2 N300 router setup of the Wavlink 4 series, install the smart app on any device.

  • To start with, unbox and plug the router into an electrical power socket.
  • Keep in mind that the distance between both plugging devices should be minimal.
  • After doing this, join your android mobile to the router’s network.
  • Later, open the Google Play Store and search the Wavlink app there.
  • But, select the official one from the list and install that immediately.
  • After the installation, open the app and do login on to the next screen page.
  • Fill in the login credentials and choose the language and region from there.
  • Following this, start the setup process by choosing the current network or creating a new one.
  • Create a new and unique SSID network and set a strong password for it.
  • Finally, unplug the router from the existing plug and fix it to the desired location.
WL WN529R2 N300 Router Setup

WPS Method For WL WN530K2 N300 Router Setup

By using the WPS button on another router model of the Wavlink 4 series, configure this device shortly.

  • After making the WN530K2 router connectable by plugging it into the power socket, use its WPS button.
  • Press the router’s WPS button and wait till the WPS light starts blinking.
  • After that, push the WPS button on the host modem for a short while.
  • As a result, both devices will start making the connection.
  • After a short period of time, LEDs on both devices will turn solid.
  • Finally, the WPS connection is successful and now connect your devices to the network.

Errors Solving Tips For Wavlink Routers

To get the router ideal working back by removing the errors while using your gadget, apply these resolving tips.

Analyze The Router Indications

As the Wavlink router has distinct lights on the panel which indicates different signs, check and use them appropriately. First, see the power light to check the electricity supply. Also, verify the WPS connection whether is active or not. More than that, check the wired connection lights if the device is connected with a wire.

Relocate The Router

Besides that, ensure that the router is within the modem’s range and getting stable signals. Neither it should be too far nor it should be too close. The ideal location for the router is halfway between your home and office. So, analyze the router’s current location and place it at the center of your place.

Make The Software Latest

In this process, search for the latest firmware version of the router and download it if there is any. Initially, visit the router’s web-based portal by using the login details. Then, go to the Firmware Upgrade option under administration. Choose the router model and upload the file there and execute the updating process.

Reset The Device

In order to do this, find the reset button on the router and press it until the router starts the process. The blinking light will notify you soon when you do this. Now, let the router perform the process, and don’t turn off the device till it completes the process. Lastly, configure the router again.

Hence, these setup and troubleshooting tips will be useful for you to configure the WiFi 4 router setup easily. However, if you experience any issues with its working, then make a call at 716-992-6371 to get more help. Also, you can mail support@wifiwavlink.net to get things clear.

Some Issues You Might Face

If you are facing any issues then please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

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After installing the router, take your device and touch its head to the router’s touch link panel. Wait for a few minutes till the device completes scanning the network and connecting to it. After a short while, the connection successful message will appear on the device screen.
The app setup method for the Wavlink router is so easy. Additionally, you will be able to use guest control, network, speed monitoring, and terminal labeling as well. The number of connected devices will be shown on the app screen which will notify you about the networked device.
To do this, plug the router into the power sockets near the host modem and press the power button. Press the WPS button from the router and modem separately and let them make the connection. Soon, the router will be successful in the WPS configuration process.
After configuring the router, press the turbo button from the router panel to get the maximum and optimized internet speed. Simply find the button on the panel and press it until the turbo LED of the router starts showing an ideal indication.