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Reyee routers are becoming reliable for achieving a seamless internet connection even in larger places. Whether that is your multi-story office or sprawling house, this router fits all. But, to get that, there will be a need to perform the Reyee router setup in a perfect way. Don’t worry, if you are not familiar with that, we will walk you through a detailed setup guide here.

Why Choose The Reyee Router?

Before you dive into the Reyee router setup, let’s discuss why these routers are preferable among all. Reyee is a lesser-known WiFi networking device that comes with the latest and most powerful technical features. Due to that, these devices are suitable for every bigger place requiring the fastest internet signals.

Apart from that, these devices are known for their commitment to innovation, robust performance, and user-friendly setup interface. Which makes it easy to set and simple to use no matter if you are not tech-savvy. As a result, you can start enjoying a stable internet network after its setup without worrying about WiFi dead spots.

rayee router setup

Benefits Of Reyee Router Setup/Installation

There are several advantages of the Reyee router that you can get from its advanced technical features. Which includes the highest internet speed, stable signal transmission, improved network security, eliminated WiFi dead zones, and many others. Here are those:

Fastest Speed And Coverage

The Reyee router is capable of providing blazing-fast internet speed consistently with maximized stability and strength. Additionally, better WiFi coverage claims ensure that every corner and nook of your place is covered with internet signals.

Maximum Device Connectivity

The Reyee router is capable of connecting a number of WiFi-enabled devices for uninterrupted signals at the same time. Once you complete the Reyee router setup, you will be able to attach every other equipment in your home.

Simple Setup Of Router

Reyee’s user-friendly web and app setup interfaces make the setup easiest for both beginners and tech-savvy in no time. All you will need to do is access the Reyee router setup portal and you will start getting the setup instructions.

Security Of The Network

The robust security encryption of the router assures you to remain worry-free from safeguarding your WiFi network. Also, some other features of the router enable you to avoid unauthorized access, hackers, and network data threats.

Prepare Router For Setup

Now, when you have planned to do the Reyee router setup at your place, start the process by preparing it. Make sure to collect the setup prerequisites or required things before you start the setup to prevent hassles.

rayee router
  • Place the Reyee router and your existing modem near each other
  • Connect both devices using an ethernet cable and WAN ports
  • Plug both devices into the power sockets and make the switches on
  • Attach the smartphone to the Router’s default wireless network
  • Install the Reyee router setup app on any of your smartphones
  • Also, collect Reyee’s IP address and its default login credentials
  • Ensure there are not any changes to the router’s settings earlier

Step-by-Step Reyee Router Setup

Once your router is ready for the setup, start executing the process using the app on your smartphone. Be sure to use the networked device on which the Reyee app is installed. Afterward, follow the instructions from here:

  • First of all, open the Reyee app on your device to move to the setup
  • The app will start detecting the network after a successful connection
  • Within a few minutes, the app will connect to the router automatically
  • Select the WAN connection type according to the modem installation
  • Here the PPPoE mode prompts the account password assigned by the ISP
  • Furthermore, configure the WiFi SSID network and the password
  • Wait for a few minutes and let the app perform the configuration
  • After some time, you will get a message of Configuration Succeeded
  • Tap on the Save button to implement the changes to the router
  • Finally, the router status and the client device will appear on the homepage

Setup Through Web Interface

If in any case, you face difficulties in the Reyee router setup through the app, try the web setup method. You will need to access Reyee’s web interface for this process rather than installing the app. Use and search for the default IP address of the router to access the Reyee router setup window.

Enter IP address in the browser’s search field and click enter to visit the portal. After reaching there, start performing the setup following the on-screen directions and inserting the required basic details in the prompted fields. Be sure to follow the setup directions without skipping any points.

Troubleshoot Some Common Setup Issues

While you are trying hard to complete the Reyee router setup, some difficulties may disturb you in the process. As a result, there will be setup failure or misconfiguration of the router. But, use these resolving tips to solve the issues you are facing during the setup.

Power Cycle The Router

Reboot the router once by unplugging it from the power socket and plugging it in again after some time. Doing so will help you a lot in removing the temporary issue in the router and resetting its activity. Further, reset the router if you are still unable to access the Reyee router setup window. Once it is reset, try executing the setup again in the right way and using the default details.

Therefore, confirm that you are successful in your Reyee router setup by following this simple setup guide. So, start enjoying the fastest and most stable internet connection everywhere at your place. However, if you face difficulties with your router during or after the setup, reach out to our tech experts team.

rayee router reset

Reconnect The Devices

Verify the connectivity between your Reyee router, existing modem, and smartphone, and make sure they all have a strong connection. Make the connections again if required and use another ethernet cable for that. Besides that, select the right and default wireless network while connecting your WiFi-enabled device to the router.