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Reyee REX12 Extender Setup

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Reyee REX12 Extender Setup: Frustrated with poor or non-existent WiFi signals at your home or workplace? If so, you are certainly struggling with a real problem. You must get rid of it as soon as possible or you will have a long-lasting frustrating internet experience. Here comes the Reyee REX12 Extender, a true wireless WiFi networking gadget that delivers up to your expectations. You may expect to have high-speed internet and broader coverage. But, you will only be able to take advantage of these luxuries when Reyee REX12 Extender Setup has been completed successfully.

The Setup process is a mandatory function that you cannot ignore at all. This is because you won’t be able to get going with your Reyee REX12 Extender device without completing this Reyee REX12 Extender Setup process.

Reyee REX12 Extender Setup Options

There are multiple Setup options available for the Reyee REX12 Extender. You can use these options as per your comfort and preferences. Here are the major setup options for the Reyee REX12 Extender device:

  • The WPS Setup (One-Button Setup)
  • The Mesh Setup (One-Button Setup)
  • Setup With a Reyee Mesh Device
  • Setup With a Non-Reyee Device
  • Mobile App-Based Configuration
  • Web Browser-Based Setup
Reyee REX12 Extender

Quick Setup Steps

If you choose the web-based Reyee REX12 Extender Setup option to configure your Reyee Extender, you can go with the following quick setup steps:

  • Verify that you have a stable internet connection
  • Establish a connection between your existing WiFi device and the extender
  • Supply the power to your Reyee Extender
  • Connect a computer, laptop, or any other screen-based device to your Reyee Extender’s network
  • Head to a browser and then enter the Reyee IP address ( into the search bar
  • On the displayed interface, complete the login by filling in your default login credentials
  • Next, on the setup wizard interface, select the network that you want to set up
  • Follow the further on-screen instructions to complete the Reyee REX12 Extender Setup

Quick Overview of the Product: Reyee REX12 Extender

The Reyee REX12 WiFi Extender is a compact and powerful gadget that boosts your WiFi signal to reach places where it is weak or non-existent. It works by connecting to your existing WiFi network and extending the radius of its coverage. You can enjoy seamless connectivity across your house or office with this extender.

Key Features of the Reyee REX12 WiFi Extender

Before we get started with the process of setting up the Reyee REX12 Extender, let’s have a look at some of the most important features of the Reyee REX12 WiFi Extender:

  • Dual Bands Support: The Reyee REX12 supports both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi bands, giving you the choice to choose the band that performs the best with the devices you have connected to it. This makes it possible to have connections that are both faster and more stable.
  • Ethernet Port: The extender comes with an Ethernet port, which enables you to connect devices for a connection that is more stable and dependable than wireless options. This is especially helpful for gadgets such as game consoles and smart TVs that require a stable and uninterrupted internet connection.
  • Mesh/WPS Button: The Reyee REX12 comes equipped with a Mesh/WPS button, which makes the process of setting it up much easier. This button provides a connection that is trouble-free regardless of whether you are connected to a Reyee device or a router manufactured by another brand.
  • Signal Status LED: The extender features a Signal Status LED that offers visual feedback on the strength of your WiFi connection. This feedback can be viewed on the extender itself. This enables you to easily identify regions where the signal may be poor, and you can then alter the placement of your extender in accordance with those findings.
  • Easy Reyee REX12 Extender Setup: The configuration process for the extender device is simple and straightforward and takes very little time. The extender provides a number of different configuration options to accommodate your requirements. The options include WPS setup, mesh button setup, browser-based setup, and mobile app-based setup

Reyee REX12 Extender Setup: Connect to Reyee Mesh

Reyee REX12 WiFi Extender

If you currently have a Reyee router and wish to use the Reyee REX12 WiFi Extender to enhance its range, follow these steps:

  • Placement: Connect the extender halfway between your Reyee router and the WiFi dead zone, making sure it is within your router’s signal range. Connect the extender to a power source and watch the System Status LED turn solid green.
  • Mesh Configuration: Press the Mesh button on your primary Reyee router (not the extender). Wait for the Mesh LED to light up.
  • Complete Configuration: After pressing the Mesh button, the Reyee REX12 Extender Setup will be completed automatically.

Reyee REX12 Extender Setup: Connect to Other Brand Router

If you have a router from a brand other than Reyee and want to extend its range using the Reyee REX12 WiFi Extender, follow these steps:

  • Positioning: Place your Reyee REX12 Extender halfway between your router and the WiFi dead zone. You can adjust the placement as per your requirements and preferences as well. But, make sure that there are no network interruptions.
  • SSID Connection: Connect your computer or smartphone to the SSID “@Reyee-sXXXX”. Visit the Reyee REX12 Extender Setup portal or wizard setup page.
  • Successful Connection: Complete the login using the default Reyee Extender credentials and then follow the setup steps to complete the configuration.

Troubleshooting the Reyee REX12 WiFi Extender

If you run into any problems when configuring or using your Reyee REX12 WiFi Extender, follow these troubleshooting steps:

Adjust the Placement of the Device

If you observe that only one signal bar lights up after completing the Reyee REX12 Extender Setup, consider repositioning it. Move the extender closer to your router or place it midway between your router and the WiFi dead zone, within the range of the router’s signal.

Reset the Reyee REX12 Extender

Follow these procedures to restore your Reyee REX12 WiFi Extender to factory settings:

  • For more than 5 seconds, press and hold the Reyee Reset button.
  • If the System Status LED begins to blink, the device is restoring factory settings.
  • Allow 1 to 2 minutes. The device has successfully restored factory settings when the System Status LED becomes solid.
  • After the device reboots, repeat the Reyee REX12 Extender Setup process. And once the setup is complete, start enjoying your new extended WiFi network.
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