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Wavlink Halo Base AC1200 Setup

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The Wavlink halo base AC1200 setup is a device that can offer better internet speed and signals itself. There is no need to use any extra wire or specific technical thing. To avail of this facility, you need to configure this device by using its easy pair and touch button. So, get guidance on every step of the setup process.

Join The Halo AC1200 WiFi Kit

As you get the Wavlink halo base AC1200 setup kit, you will receive the halo device along with two satellites. Further, you will get the power adapters and network cable, and one quick manual guide. Read that manual once to get a brief knowledge about the product’s setup and other points.

On the other hand, join the network cable into the halo device and power adapters into the electrical outlets. Next, use ethernet cables to attach the halo setup, satellites, and devices together. Lastly, press the power buttons from the whole halo kit panels separately to make them configurable.

wavlink halo ac1200 setup

Install Wavlink Halo Base AC1200 Setup

After attaching and plugging the halo WiFi kit into the power socket, start the next process here immediately.

  • To begin with, make a connection between the halo network and the device.
  • For a wireless connection, choose the network from the list and insert the password in the field.
  • Whereas for a wired connection, insert the ethernet wire ends into the halo satellite, and the device’s port.
  • Following this, open any web browser on that device and search the wavlink’s default web or IP address.
  • Or you can install the wavlink official app from the Google Play Store for its setup.
  • Use wifi.wavlink.com as the web address and as the IP.
  • As you visit the next page, do login thereby inserting the credentials in the field.
  • After logging into the halo device, make use of the display directions.
  • As a result, the setup process will be complete in a few minutes.
  • Later, press the other satellites’ touch link button from their top panels.
  • Also, connect more devices to the network by simply tapping the device heads onto the satellite’s top panel.
  • When you manually touch the device head, then the device will perform the process itself.

Resolve AC1200 Halo Working Errors

Although the Wavlink halo base AC1200 setup is a simple push-to-pair process, there may be difficulties in its working. Apply these solutions to get the setup back in its well-working stage.

  • Look for the halo setup light indications to verify the connection strength.
  • Check the power and ethernet wires that you use while connecting them.
  • Also, check whether the device’s wireless connection is working or not.
  • Verify the halo setup web and IP address that you enter in the field.
  • Keep the network-connected device web browser version updated.
  • Also, update the wavlink official app version and make it the latest.
  • Change the different locations of the Wavlink halo base AC1200 setup.
  • Additionally, use a different web browser on the connected device.

Power Cycle The Halo Setup

Choose the halo setup’s reboot option if the above-mentioned options do not work for the device. In order to do this, disconnect the device from the network and remove the power adapters from the power sockets. Wait for some time and give some rest to the halo kit. Later, join the halo satellites by using the power and ethernet wires. Connect your device to it and check the halo’s working.

Reset The Halo Setup

The other way to eliminate the Wavlink halo base AC1200 setup errors for always is to discard its default settings. To execute this process, find and push the halo’s kit reset button and leave the device for some time. Also, keep checking the light of the halo device to get to know the working of the process. Once it is done, configure the halo kit again to get it working accurately.

After implementing these troubleshooting tips, the Wavlink halo base AC1200 setup will start expanding the existing internet signals widely. However, if it is not, then feel free to make a call at 716-992-6371 or mail care@wifiwavlink.net for more help. Our professionals will be available to you shortly!

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