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The Wavlink powerline av500 setup is basically a WiFi extender kit that attaches to the existing router to improve its functionality. Whether it is your large house or multistory office, it helps to repeat the router signals in every corner. Even though you can avail of this service by installing this device at your place. However, you need to get a thorough knowledge of its configuration and further useful points to use it effectively. So, go through and utilize these points precisely.

Wavlink Powerline Setup Overview And Working

Talking about the Powerline setup overview, it has power plugs on the back panel. Whereas on the front panel, there is one Pair button along with a reset button. More than that, there are different LEDs for Power, LAN, Link, and WiFi indications. Lastly, it contains an ethernet wire port.

On the other hand, this compact device works on HomePlug AV and IEEE 802.3 technologies with WPA2-PSK encryption. The Pair button on its front panel makes the configuration process so easy. Moreover, the wired connections through cable ports allow the device to get stable internet signals.

wavlink powerline setup

Configuration Through Powerline Pair Button

As the Wavlink powerline setup has a Pair connection feature through which you can configure it shortly. To do this, follow the below-mentioned tips.

  • In the first place, fix the powerline devices into the power sockets.
  • When the LED turns and makes these connectable, move to the next step.
  • Now, join both devices together with a power cable.
  • Attach the first powerline to the router and the second to your device using the ethernet wires.
  • Following this, press the circular Pair button on the first powerline device.
  • After a few seconds, push the other powerline’s Pair button.
  • Finally, the light color on both devices will change color after performing the connection process successfully.

Thus, use your connected device and seamlessly enjoy the highest internet speed where you want.

Powerline AV500 Instructions For Setup

In addition to that approach, you can make use of any web browser on the network-connected device to configure it. In this method, access and visit the web-based setup portal to execute the process.

  • Once you connect the powerlines to the router and your device, the LEDs will turn into the ideal colors.
  • After that, open any web browser on your device that must be of the latest version.
  • Then, insert the wavlink’s default web or IP address in the search panel.
  • Use wifi.wavlink.com as the web address and as the IP.
  • As a result, the sign-in page will appear on the device screen.
  • On the next page’s login required field, type the sign-in credentials and click OK or Log in.
  • Thereafter, follow the on-screen instructions and fill in some essential details to complete the process easily.

Hence, by using any method from these two ways, you will be able to install and use the Wavlink powerline setup appropriately.

Powerline Setup Different Models

Troubleshoot The Powerline Errors

Evidently, the Wavlink powerline setup is a pair-to-use device, in case there is any error in the powerline av500 pairing, use these resolving tips.

  • First, verify the devices’ LEDs to check the reason behind the issue.
  • Check the wired connections and make sure these wires must not have any signs of tear or wear.
  • Also, check the electrical power sockets and the powerlines must get the proper supply from them.
  • Thereafter, unplug the wavlink powerline setup and plug them in again after some time to cool down the overheating.
  • Further, check the connected device’s web browser version and update it if there is the availability of a new one.

After trying those above-mentioned steps, if the Wavlink powerline setup still keeps malfunctioning. Then, choose the reset function to eliminate the error.

  • To begin with, disconnect your device from the Wavlink device.
  • Later, press the powerline’s reset button for a few seconds.
  • When the powerline completes the factory reset, its LED will turn.
  • After resetting the device, configure it again and connect your device to it.

Wavlink Powerline Features

This wavlink compact and portable device enables users to get a range of benefits under one platform. Interestingly, it offers up to 500Mbps to the devices through wired connections. What stands out is it can cross thick walls to deliver the highest internet speed. Fortunately, there is no requirement to use any extra wire to configure this device as it comes with a pair-and-use function.

Therefore, you will surely be successful to configure and eliminate the errors of the Wavlink powerline setup. In any case, if you get any hurdles in the process, contact us freely to get assistance. To reach us, you can call us at 716-992-6371 or mail us at support@wifiwavlink.net. We will assist you shortly!

Some Issues You Might Face

If you are facing any issues then please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

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Wavlink Powerline FAQs

Yes, the wavlink powerline provides strong internet signals bypassing the walls. The wired connection of this setup helps the connected devices to get an uninterrupted signal.

Absolutely yes, the Pair button on this device allows users to configure it without the help of any extra wire. You will only require the ethernet wires to attach both powerlines to the router and your device.

To pair up your wavlink powerline, plug them into the power sockets, and turn the switches on. Once these become ready to pair, press the first powerline’s pair button and after a few seconds, push the button of the second one. Finally, the LEDs will indicate that the pairing is successful.

Basically, the powerline setup creates a network through a wired connection between the host router and the devices. It joins these gadgets to offer stable and secure internet signals.