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Tips To Fix Wavlink Extender Yellow Light Issues

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Undoubtedly, it is common to get errors in the Wavlink extender working or yellow light on its LED panel. There can be any reason for the yellow light on the extender but there is no need to worry about it. As we will discuss thoroughly the extender’s yellow light causes and its solutions as well. So, read the points that we have got for you to fix wavlink extender yellow light issues.

Wavlink Extender Yellow Light Issues

Reasons For The Extender’s Yellow Light Error

Prior to taking the appropriate solutions or steps to solve the LED color error, it is mandatory to identify the causes. However, there are a number of reasons for this condition, so have a look over them once. So that you can fix Wavlink extender yellow light error.

Improper Electricity Supply

No doubt, your extender is plugging in a power socket, but the point is whether the extender is getting a proper electricity supply or not. Or another chance is that the power outlet is damaged or malfunctioning. Clearly, in this case, the Wavlink extender will not be able to work properly and starts showing the yellow LED.

Router’s Poor Internet Connection

Here, another reason might be your existing router is not working or providing sluggish internet signals. This can be due to another technical end or your ISP. Also, your current internet plan might not be active or not recharged. Because the extender will only repeat the signals if the router provides signals of enough strength.

Interrupted Network

Apart from that, your network might be hacked or infected by external serious threats. If your extender’s firewall is off then an encrypted file may get entered into the network. This is why the wavlink extender is not performing well as a result, the LED starts indicating yellow light.

Disturbed Connections

Furthermore, the connections between your extender and devices may become weak. For the wireless connection, your device may attach to the wrong WiFi network. On the other hand, for a wired connection, the ethernet wire may be damaged or broken. That is why your device keeps disconnected and the LED turns yellow.

Some Other Points That May Turn LED Yellow

In addition to these reasons, here are a few other points that disturb the extender’s working.

  • The extender’s placement is too far or too near the existing router.
  • Your extender is getting in touch with metallic or house appliances.
  • More than that, the extender is running on an outdated firmware version.
  • Or you may update the wrong firmware file according to the model number.
  • The extender’s satellite connection might be weak if there is any.

Note: These are the points that may disrupt the extender network. So, analyze every factor precisely to apply a correct solution.

Solutions To Fix Wavlink Extender Yellow Light Issue

In any case, if you are not able to recognize the source of the yellow light error, then use any method from these points.

Disconnect The Extender, Router, And Devices

Here, choose the foremost point to easily resolve this issue which is to unplug your extender and the router. After unplugging both, disconnect your connected device from the network and give some rest to all these. Later, plug in the extender again and connect your device to it. Hopefully, the yellow light error will be solved now.

Upgrade Firmware Version

To get a flawless internet signal or solve the yellow light error, update the extender’s firmware on time. To do this, check the extender’s current firmware version on the official website. If it is outdated, then check the latest version and download and save that file to the latest version. After that, upload that file to the Update Firmware option and start the updating process. When the extender completes the process, check it’s working on your device.

Reset The Wavlink Extender

Last but not least, the solution is to reset the extender to its default settings. As it will discard the settings and configuration, and surely remove the yellow light error. But keep in mind that you have to configure your device again to use it. In order to reset it, locate and press the extender’s reset button for 8 to 10 seconds. Now, let the extender perform its factory reset and wait till its LED changes color. Once the reset process is complete, configure the extender again through any setup method.

Make The Network Strong And Secure

After resetting and configuring your extender, make your network safer by using these tips to eliminate the error for always.

  • Set and create a strong WiFi password to avoid hacking and unwanted usage.
  • Place your extender at the central location of your house or office to get a stable internet signal in every corner.
  • Further, prefer to make a wired connection rather than a wireless one.
  • Analyze the extender LED timely to get to know its signal strength and connection.
  • Disconnect your devices that are not using the extender’s internet signal.
  • Lastly, keep your device’s web browser and the extender’s firmware version updated every time.

To Conclude

Thus, after following and making use of these tips, you will surely be able to fix Wavlink extender yellow light issue easily. Also, with the help of our points, your extender will configure again. But, if you face Wavlink extender yellow light issues error again or hurdles while using the extender, contact us carefree.