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If your wavlink device can’t connect to then don’t worry. On this page you will know the solution to this issue, just read this full article carefully.

can not connect to

Due To Entering an Invalid IP Address

An IP address is not very easy to enter in the location bar of the web browser. In case you enter any different digit or any unwanted character, then it will visit you on a different page. To remove this trouble or issue you will simply need to copy and paste an IP address into the location bar of a web browser. Verify that now, you must have to fill in the correct IP address.

Due To The Lost Of The Ethernet Cable

Many of the routers require a physical connection prior to gaining access to the admin panel. Ethernet wires are most commonly from the physical connection used to gain the access to the router IP address. It is very simple and easiest to attach your computer to the router and this process will only take a few seconds.

Due To A Faulty Router, Can’t Connect To

After trying out the above tips, if you can’t connect to then there is the possibility that your router does not work perfectly. If any appliance is not in place, then the complex gadget may cause a complication. To get the answer to this solution you will need to contact us.

What Does An IP Address Do?

The IP address is one by which you can easily do the setup process of the Wavlink router and configure any network gadget. These gadgets may include webcams, VOIP telephones, and DVRs.

What Is The Use Of IP Address?

There are more than 26 billion gadgets linked to the internet today. Hence, from 26 billion only 4 billion IP addresses are accessible. It is not that those devices linked to the internet do not have their own IP address.

Moreover, without an IP address, there is no other way to identify the gadgets on a network. To establish IP exhaustion the internet assigned the number authority. On the other hand, an American non-profit that oversees offered a universal solution- a private IP address. The private IP address is for your host router and everyone has their own IP address.

What Is Private IP Address

The distinction between private and public IP addresses is the access limitation. The public IP address does not require any strict protocol. On the other hand, a private IP address may seem very challenging.

Note: With the help of above mentioned three tips, we expect your issue of Can’t connect to is now solved. If not solved then you can also login into the Wavlink router with the help of a web address.

How To Login Into Wavlink Router Via Web Address

  • First, you will need to attach your computer to the router with the help of an ethernet cable.
  • As well as, you can also link the computer to the router wirelessly by using the SSID and password which are printed on the tag of the router.
  • Now, open chrome on your computer or laptop and enter wifi.wavlink.com in the URL bar.
  • In the end, pick the language that you prefer and then enter the admin for both password and username. In the last tap on login.
  • As a result, by doing all three steps, you will successfully complete the login process of the Wavlink router.

How To Configure Router Or Extender?

Configuration Process Of Wavlink Router

  • Initially, you will need to join the router’s WAN port to the internet.
  • Further, place the power plug of the wavlink router in an electrical socket.
  • After that, turn on your WiFi and find the SSID name.
  • Next, wait for a few minutes and it will start the installation process.
  • For doing this method, you will also require a long ethernet cable
  • After this, open chrome on the WiFi-containing gadget.
  • Now, enter wifi.wavlink.com in the location bar.
  • Following this, enter the username and security passcode in the required field.
  • In the end, follow all display instructions step by step to do the configuration process.

Configure Wavlink Extender By WPS Method

  • First, you will need to locate the power plug of the wavlink extender in the power socket.
  • Make sure your Wavlink extender must lie near the host router.
  • Further, press the router WPS button.
  • Now, inside in 2 minutes press the Wavlink extender WPS button.
  • After that, to see a solid blue LED on both gadgets, wait for a few minutes.
  • As a result, both the extender and router devices successfully linked with each other.

Configure Wavlink Extender By Manually

  • First, you will need to locate your extender near the modem or router.
  • When the solid light appears on your extender device, then you will be required to connect any WiFi-enabled device such as a laptop, computer, mobile phone, etc.
  • After this, connect your WiFi device to the Wavlink_EXT network.
  • Now, open the browser and enter the web address of the Wavlink device wifi.wavlink.com in the search bar.
  • Further to this, a login page will open up on your display.
  • Next, enter the credential to get access to the login page.
  • Now, the new Wavlink extender setup page will open up on your display.
  • In the end, attach your Wavlink extender to the router, by following all the on-screen instructions.

Some Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Errors

  • Verify the range between the extender and the router.
  • Look at the placement of the extender
  • Upgrade Wavlink Extender software.
  • Verify all wired connections.

After trying these tips, if the extender issue is not solved then factory reset Wavlink WiFi extender.


With the assistance of this post, we expect you will be able to eliminate the can’t connect to error. If you are facing any trouble regarding this then you can feel free to discuss your issue with our Wavlink customer service team.