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Wavlink Router Flashing Red? Learn How To Solve It

Wavlink WiFi router is the most amazing networking equipment on the market. It offers high-speed internet connectivity in all rooms of your house. After installing the device, does your Wavlink router device blink the red light? If you are nodding your head in agreement, you come to the right place to get the troubleshooting tips. Here we will provide you with six different ways to resolve the Wavlink router flashing red light issue.

Resolve Router Red LED Issue

There are many ways to resolve the issue of the Wavlink router’s red LED. If you want to fix that issue, then consider the below troubleshooting tips to fix them all. Read all the tips carefully.

Restart Wavlink Router

Due to a technical issue, your Wavlink router device starts blinking red.

Wavlink Router Flashing Red

  • First, turn off your Wavlink router device.
  • After that, take out the power plug of the Wavlink router device from the power socket.
  • Then, wait for a few minutes.
  • Now, turn on your extender and put back the extender power plug into the power socket.

Avoid Wavlink Router Overheating

Your Wavlink router device is probably overheating, due to this Wavlink blinking red. Don’t locate your Wavlink router device in the sunlight. When you are not using a Wavlink router then turn it off to avoid overheating. In addition, always keep your router clean.

Take WiFi Gadgets Closer

If there is too much gap between your router and WiFi gadget, then you can also face a red light issue in your wavlink router device. We consider you to locate your WiFi device near the router device, by doing this most of the time the red light issue is resolved.

Disable Wireless Interference

After trying the above tips, if your router is still blinking the red light then try to settle your router device away from the electronic or metal appliances. Metal or electronic gadgets such as microwaves, refrigerators, television, cordless phone, etc. By doing this the Wavlink router blinking red light issue is now resolved.

Enhance Wavlink Router Software

To improve the Wavlink router software, you will need to visit the Wavlink router web management page. After that, look for an administration option and then tap on the software upgrade option. Next, install the latest router software file on your laptop or computer. Further, restart your Wavlink router to finish the upgrade process.

Reset Wavlink Router Device

  • Initially look for the reset hole button on the Wavlink router device. (The reset button is located at the back side of the router device).
  • Now, push and hold that button with the help of a paper clip.
  • Further doing this, all the Wavlink router device LEDs will turn off.
  • As it means, your wavlink router device is now completely reset.

Note: After resetting the Wavlink router you will need to do the Wavlink router login and configuration process again.

Via IP Address Wavlink Router Configuration

  • First, put the Wavlink router device power plug into the power socket and then connect the router to the modem.
  • After that, launch the preferred web browser and enter the Wavlink router IP address.
  • To proceed further steps, hit enter.
  • Next, fill in all the details shown on the web management page.
  • In the end, consider all the display instructions that show on the Wavlink router setup wizard to finish the installation.

Unable To Visit Wavlink Router Login Page

There are many reasons why you can’t visit the Wavlink router web management page.

  • Due to filling in the wrong admin details.
  • Fill in the web portal in the search bar.
  • Use an outdated navigation or web browser on your Android mobile phone.

To resolve all the above wavlink router login issues consider the below tips.

  • Verify the login details by checking the manual booklet, which comes with the Wavlink router gadget.
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi-containing gadget must have an updated web browser.
  • Enter the Wavlink router portal only in the URL bar.
  • If the web address does not work then enter the IP address in the URL bar.
  • Place the power plug of the Wavlink router in the working power socket.

After the study of this entire article, now you would be able to resolve the Wavlink router red light issue. After solving the tips, you also learn the easy configuration of the Wavlink router. If you have any doubts in your mind then discuss it with our Wavlink team experts.