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Wavlink Router Firmware Update: Easy Tips And Tricks

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Getting sluggish performance continuously from your Wavlink router WiFi network? No fear, your router might be working on outdated firmware that needs to be updated right away for optimized performance. So, in this blog we will delve into the “Wavlink router firmware update: easy tips and tricks”. Check them and get the latest version of your router in a quick way.

Wavlink Router Firmware

Understanding Router Firmware

Before you move to the “Wavlink router firmware update: easy tips and tricks” process let’s discuss what router firmware is. Basically, firmware is the operating software of the router that embeds in its hardware on which the operating process depends. It manages the device’s operations, connections, and performance, and ensures all parts are functioning seamlessly. Keeping the firmware updated means allowing the router to work effectively, securely, and error-free every time.

Benefits Of Router Firmware Update

Though the updated firmware optimizes the router’s performance, there are some other advantages. These are:

Security Enhancement

Security of the network is a crucial factor that needs attention while providing the fastest internet signals. But, don’t worry, the updated software also works to enhance security encryption making the network safe. Additionally, this enables the router to prevent serious vulnerabilities and cyber threats to the network.

Fix Technical Bugs

Be worry-free if you are facing some issues in your WiFi network as the upgraded firmware can fix them easily. This will work to get the router’s working fixed by resolving or removing those issues in the network. Moreover, there will be more stability, and reliability in your router WiFi network.

New Advanced Features

Last but important, there will be the latest technical features in the router’s network as you update its firmware. Which will enable you to experience a seamless internet connection and overall improved network. As a result, you will be able to remain stressless from your WiFi network’s working and bugs.

Update The Router Firmware

Now, that you are fully aware of the firmware working, move to the updating process taking your networked PC. Make sure there is a strong connection between your PC and the WiFi network to get a successful update.

Check For Update

Launch the web browser on your PC and search for the Wavlink web/IP address there. Then, log into your router to visit the Wavlink router setup portal for advanced settings. Click on the Firmware Update option under Administration and see the latest version of your router.

Download The Update

If there is a new version available for your exact Wavlink router, download it on the connected PC. Store it safely on the PC and visit the same portal again to carry out the process. Choose the prompted field on the screen and upload the file that you downloaded earlier.

Backup The Settings

While executing the process try to create a backup of the older configured settings that you made earlier. This ensures if something goes wrong with the updating process you can restore the settings from the backup. This will be beneficial for you to get the settings back instead of struggling with the Wavlink ac1200 setup again.

Execute The Process

Once the file is uploaded to the portal, click on the Firmware Update again and let it perform the process. Make sure to perform it uninterruptedly as an interruption in the process can lead to corrupted firmware or process failure. So, don’t turn off the PC and your router during the process. Whereas, to get the process confirmation, keep checking the LED indications on the router’s panel.

Complete & Verify The Process

In the end, finish the process using the on-screen directions and visit the portal again to verify it. Log into your router and ensure that the process is completed faultlessly and the firmware is not corrupted. Furthermore, reboot the router if required and make the connections again.

Test The Router Performance

When you have completed the entire process, try to check the performance of your router. Verify whether the issues are resolved or still keep occurring even after updating the version. Afterward, transfer the larger files from your PC and stream online gaming and videos to know the internet speed. Here it is advisable to check for the firmware version frequently and update that on time to let the router perform flawlessly.

We anticipate that these “Wavlink router firmware update: easy tips and tricks” will be helpful for you. However, if you are seeking more help with your Wavlink router, connect to our expert team without any hesitation and get assistance shortly.

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