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Maximizing Security With Wavlink Extender: Essential Tips For Network Safety

The WiFi network security has equal importance along with its optimization and a perfect setup. While Wavlink extenders are designed to provide better WiFi coverage, there is also powerful encryption along with other features. But, you must be aware of those options and their utilization so that you can safeguard the network effectively. In this blog post, we will dive into “Maximizing Security with Wavlink Extender: Essential Tips for Network Safety”. That can help you set security parameters for your network.

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Significance Of Network Security

A safe, strong, and hard-to-guess WiFi network is crucial to safeguard your personal data while avoiding unauthorized access to it. As the demand for a seamless WiFi network is increasing, its security is also necessary for better performance.

That’s why, the Wavlink extenders come with advanced security aspects and easy management options along with the capability of extending WiFi coverage. Let’s dive into the key factors through which you can make the network secure while getting the best of it.

Essential Tips For Network Safety

There are various features and options that you can make use of right after completing the Wavlink extender setup. That includes activating the security encryption, changing the network SSID name, and password, and many more.

Change Default Login Credentials

For your first-time Wavlink ac1200 setup, you will need to use the default login credentials. But, after completing the setup, you must change the default username and password as the older ones are easy to access. As a result, there can be some unauthorized access to the network. So, change the details from the web interface or the WiFi app using the management window and Security Settings option.

Create A Unique Name & Password

There can be the same WiFi network users in your vicinity that have the same SSID network name. So, while creating an SSID name, make sure to keep it unique and different from others. Additionally, make the network password strong enough by including some special, and numeric characters. Here we recommend you note down that password somewhere for further use.

Enable Security Encryption

While changing the credentials, check for the security encryption feature of your device from the same wifi.wavlink.com setup portal. Activate the WPA2 or WPA3 encryption if your device supports any of them. In doing so, there will be flawless signal transmission while preventing threats to the network and data.

Activate MAC Address Filtering

MAC address is the Media Access Control feature that allows you to specify the devices that you want to connect to the network. So, enable the MAC address filtering, and add the addresses of your device to the access control list. Only add your trusted and own devices so that you can prevent unknown devices from connecting to your network.

Update The Firmware Timely

The latest firmware update of the extenders that Wavlink offers frequently works to fix security bugs while optimizing performance. Make sure you check the firmware updates regularly and upgrade the file on time of your extender. To do that, access either the web interface or the WiFi app and carry out the updating process.

Create A Guest Network

The most beneficial feature that the Wavlink extender has is the Guest Network which allows you to create a separate network. In doing so, you will not need to share access to your private network with external users. They can have and use the network that you created for them using the Guest Network option.

In addition to that, use the Parental Control feature that enables you to restrict malicious websites. That can harm your network and personal data and can be dangerous to your kids. So, use this feature and ban the sites that you don’t want your kids to use.

Disable Remotely Management

Through the Wavlink WiFi app, you can manage and monitor the network remotely and this can be beneficial for you. Wavlink extenders often come with a remote management feature that allows you to configure settings from outside your home network. Along with its conveniences, this feature can be a security risk at the same time. That’s why it’s advisable to disable the feature until you have a specific need to manage the network remotely.

Thus, this “Maximizing security with Wavlink extender: essential tips for network safety” guide will help you a lot. Enjoy the network while safeguarding it from hackers, unauthorized access, and serious threats. However, if you need more help with this, just contact us right away to get support from tech experts.