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Wavlink Extender Setup: Understanding The Different Modes And Their Applications

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Have you bought a new Wavlink WiFi extender but are confused and unaware of its working modes and their applications? Don’t worry, this can be common as you are a new and first-time user. But, in this blog, we will delve into the Wavlink extender setup: understanding the different modes and their applications. Check them to know about their modes and how you can use them effectively to extend the WiFi signals.

Wavlink Extender Setup

Wavlink Extender Different Working Modes

The Wavlink extender basically operates on multiple modes each one is designed to fulfill specific network needs accordingly. These modes work differently to enhance the extender’s overall adaptability allowing you to enjoy a flexible and optimized WiFi network. Here are the modes that you can use after your Wavlink WiFi extender setup.

Repeater Mode

The first operating mode for which the extender is designed is the repeater mode which works to extend internet signals. It acts as a booster, catching the existing WiFi signals and transferring them to hard-to-reach or farthest places. Obviously, this mode is ideal for covering and eliminating the WiFi dead spots from your larger house. These are the applications of this useful repeater mode:

  • Enhance the reliability, stability, and strength of the existing internet signals.
  • Extend the WiFi coverage in places like the basement, backyard, and other floors.

Router Mode

Apart from that, the Wavlink extender functions as a stand-alone router while in router mode. It gives the device the ability to build a new network and give IP addresses to the linked devices. This option comes in handy when you require an additional network in addition to your current router. As you choose this mode during your Wavlink AC1200 setup, you will get these applications:

  • Setting up a new network without changing and using the existing WiFi network settings.
  • Creating a separate network to provide access to visitors for safety and privacy purposes.

Access Point Mode

The access point mode will allow the extender to function standalone attaching to the existing router. As you join the extender to the router using an ethernet cable there will be a new WiFi hotspot. This enables your devices to get uninterrupted and stable internet signals every time without any lags.

  • Making a new WiFi network where wired connectivity is available easily.
  • Offering access in the public places where there are a maximum number of users.


The Wavlink extender’s WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) mode enables it to join an active Wi-Fi network as a client. Later, it works to retransmit the signal, serving as a secondary access point. The extender joins the current Wi-Fi network and expands it, giving devices in spots with poor or no coverage internet access. Here is how you can use the applications of this mode:

  • Extending the WiFi signals from a central location to the broader places or in other buildings.
  • Connecting separate places to the main WiFi network ensures internet access in additional structures.

Set Up Wavlink Extender In Different Modes

Now, configure your Wavlink extender by choosing your preferred mode after becoming familiar with the Wavlink extender setup: understanding the different modes and their applications.

  • Connect your WiFi-enabled device to the extender network once it becomes ready for setup.
  • Attach the device to the extender using an ethernet wire through a wired connection on the contrary.
  • Access the web setup interface by searching the Wavlink web or IP address on the browser.
  • Afterward, log into your extender and insert its default username and password.
  • From the next page, choose the network and select your desired mode as well.
  • Follow the on-screen directions and provide the prompted details including the IP settings and WiFi password to complete the setup process.
  • Lastly, finalize the process by clicking on the Save and Apply buttons to save the changes.

Tips To Maximize The Extender Performance

Although the selected mode of the extender works effectively providing the required WiFi coverage. However, you can also boost the performance of that designated mode of the extender using some valuable tips. Foremost of all, choose the ideal location for the extender after setting it up. Try placing it centrally at your house to cover every corner with signals. Besides that, change the advanced settings of the network as you want. Lastly, keep the extender’s firmware updated always to allow it to perform in its optimal state.

Thus, this is a detailed guide to Wavlink extender setup: understanding the different modes and their applications that you can use with your device. If in any case, you need more guidance, don’t think more to contact our tech experts.