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Advanced Wavlink Extender Setup Settings to Boost Performance

The Wavlink extender works to improve the existing internet signals in different aspects after it has been set up perfectly. However, the successful setup is not enough for the extender’s optimized performance, it requires changes in its advanced settings too. Don’t be worried if you are not aware of them, we will explore some valuable tips for the same purpose. You just need to use them accordingly to get maximized performance from your device.

Advanced Wavlink Extender Setup

Changes In Network Settings

In the first process of modifications, you need to access the Wavlink web or app setup portal for its management window. That portal that you used for your Wavlink WiFi extender setup earlier. Once you are on that platform, you will get a number of features for your network. These are:

  • Frequency bands
  • Security Encryption
  • SSID name and password
  • Bandwidth channels
  • Firmware update
  • Factory default reset

Check Channels And Bands

As soon as you visit the management window, go to the network wireless settings to make alterations appropriately. Before anything else, check the frequency bands of your extender and make sure both are active. If your extender supports dual-band such as 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Other than that, try selecting the channels that are least crowded in your area.

Change Security Encryption

Once you are successfully done with your Wavlink WiFi extender setup, change its security settings as quickly as you can. So, select the WPA3 encryption from the same portal and click on the save button.

Apart from that, set a new network password and SSID name to give it a unique identity. It is advisable to keep it difficult to guess for unauthorized access making it strong enough. This will allow the extender to perform better with more safety and no external users.

Update The Firmware Version

An updated firmware version of the extender plays a crucial role in keeping its performance smoother and flawless. So, again access the Wavlink AC1200 setup portal and click on the Administration option there. You will see the latest version of your device if there is any availability. Thereafter, get the file on your PC and perform the updating process by visiting the same window and clicking the same option.

Physical Changes To Extender

Besides those network settings, there are some physical factors you must modify for the same purpose. This will enable the extender to provide uninterrupted, stable, and strong internet signals.

Relocate The Extender

Immediately after completing the Wavlink WiFi extender setup, choose an optimal location for the extender placement. The best location for the extender will allow your devices to get the highest internet signals from the extender. But, while you choose another location for it, ensure there are no appliances of electrical. Moreover, try placing it above the ground floor instead of behind and closer to the thick concrete walls.

Prefer Wired Connections

The other factor in physical modifications is making wired connections using ethernet wires rather than wireless ones. Obviously, wired connections are more reliable and stable as compared to wireless due to the direct transmission of signals. But, keep in mind that the wires are new and working appropriately. In other words, there must not be any cuts on that wires.

Rebooting The Extender

The pro tip here is to power cycle the extender when it is not in use or if running continuously. The constant use of the extender can make its working sluggish resulting in lower internet speed and unstable signals. So, after using it for a long time, it is necessary to give it a reboot and leave it turned off for some time. Afterward, plug it in again and see a noticeable improvement in its working.

Resetting The Extender

If in any case, you get errors in the network performance due to some technical bugs, you must address them immediately. Use the common troubleshooting tips after verifying the network entirely and the sources of the errors. But, if you fail to do that, then reset the settings that you made earlier by pressing the reset button. Then, use any method from different approaches and repeat the Wavlink WiFi extender setup from scratch after discarding the settings.

Thus, when you apply these points to your extender and its network, you will surely be able to keep its performance better. In case you need more help with any query related to your extender, just contact our technical support team. That will offer the relevant solutions to you within minutes.