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Wavlink Extender Installation: Security And Privacy Considerations

Although the Wavlink extender starts to offer better WiFi coverage once its setup is complete perfectly. However, some options allow the extender to provide optimized performance that includes advanced settings and security features. To achieve that, you will need to make relevant and required changes in those settings. Don’t worry, if you are unaware of that, we will discuss the “Wavlink extender installation: security and privacy considerations” here.

Wavlink Extender Installation

Importance Of Wavlink Extender Security

Before you start configuring the security options, have a look over the importance of them. The security of a network is crucial when it comes to safeguarding the network from unauthorized access. Obviously, extending your WiFi coverage is a better option, but it is necessary to configure the security encryptions simultaneously.

This will enable your network to prevent external users, hackers, and serious risks to your network’s data. Additionally, the performance of your network will remain stable, optimized, and flawless every time with low traffic. That’s why you must keep in mind the “Wavlink extender installation: security and privacy considerations” while enjoying the configured network.

Secure Your Network Using Features

Wavlink extender is equipped with a number of useful security encryptions that work differently to secure the network. Every feature has its own responsibility and importance such as preventing unauthorized access by making the network hard to guess. But, to use and update the settings, you will need to access the Wavlink extender setup portal and advanced settings window. Once you are there, use the options which are:

Secure Your Extender Portal

While doing your Wavlink AC1200 setup, there will be a page visible on the screen containing the network’s customization options. It is necessary to secure this page as there are the settings of your extender. So, change the default login password of your extender by replacing the older one to secure the advanced settings portal.

Use Robust Encryption

The selected WiFi security protocol on your extender plays a major role in securing the network. Enable the latest and most powerful encryption such as WPA2 or WPA3 whatever your extender supports. However, avoid using the least secured protocol like WEP which can lead to some hackers on the network.

Change Network Password

Enabling the latest security encryption is not enough; it is also necessary to change the network’s password. Set a new password for the network that must be strong enough to avoid hackers on it. Further, change the network’s name and create a unique name for its different identity.

Set Up A Guest Network

Several Wavlink extenders have a feature of Guest Network that allows to creation of a separate network different from the official. Use this option to set up a different network if you don’t want to share your own network with visitors. Besides that, choose the Parental Control option to restrict the sites that are malicious to your network.

Update Firmware Regularly

Wavlink releases firmware updates for the extenders, which works to patch security vulnerabilities while improving the overall performance. So, check the update of your extender’s firmware and upgrade the version if a new one is available there. It is advisable to keep checking the updates on a periodic basis to let the extender perform flawlessly.

MAC Address Filtering

This feature allows you to specify the devices that you want to connect with your WiFi network. In doing so, there will not be any unauthorized access, hackers, and external users to the network. Attach and allow the devices to your WiFi network using their own and different MAC addresses.

Consider The Privacy Concerns

Apart from the network’s security, keep in mind to use some privacy and terms to enhance its safety. Check the extender’s review and privacy policy and also see how the extender collects the data and transfers it further. Additionally, see the opt-out of data and control the limit of data collected and used if the option is available there.

Talking about some advanced tips, try segmenting the traffic of your network using Virtual LANs and separate physical networks. More than that, you must prefer to use and apply the same changes on your Wavlink router for maximized safety. Access the portal of your Wavlink router setup and the wireless advanced settings to configure the features as you prefer.

Final Remarks

Thus, this “Wavlink extender installation: security and privacy considerations” guide will be helpful for you and your network safety. Now, start enjoying the network with the fastest internet signals while keeping it safe. However, if you need help with any other issue with your device, contact our tech experts.