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Wavlink Wireless Repeater Setup

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The Wavlink WiFi repeater is designed to expand the internet signals of the existing router in a significant way. Whether you want it for your large house or ample office building, it can cover both places with better WiFi coverage. You can configure this device with some simple setup steps in less time, but you will require to get familiar with the process first. So, read the information given here to execute the setup process hassle-free.

How Does Wavlink Repeater Work?

wavlink wireless reapeater

Prior to diving into the Wavlink extender setup process, let’s go through the Wavlink repeater working process. The Wavlink extender catches the existing signals from the router and transfers them to the widened area with maximized stability. Clearly, it helps to eliminate the WiFi dead spots from the ample space by transmitting the signals. Apart from that, your devices will remain connected to the internet as there will be uninterrupted signals. So, choosing the Wavlink extender will be more beneficial for you to stay connected to the internet without any interruptions.

Make The Extender Configurable

After understanding the working process, making your extender ready for configuration is the foremost point. As it is necessary to set it up perfectly for a hassle-free configuration approach. So, take your outdoor extender, PoE converter, power, and ethernet cables as these are the requirements of the setup process.

Fix the extender to the wall and insert the LAN cable into its port and another end to the PoE converter port. Then, use the other ethernet cable and join the PoE and router together. Finally, insert the power cable into the PoE port and turn the switch on. Check the outdoor extender’s working status and start the process later.

Set Up The Outdoor Extender

At this point, start the Wavlink extender setup by positioning it in the best location. Wait till the extender boots up, and meanwhile, collect your device, existing router, and the extender’s credentials. Then, follow the remaining points below and carry out the process appropriately.

  • Turn on the extender and router after placing them, ideally halfway in your place.
  • While placing the extender ensure it is within the range of the router.
  • It is advisable to use the included and original power adapter to plug the extender properly.
  • Now, take your device and make it networked if you did not make it yet.
  • But, try to use the accurate and default password of the network while connecting your device.
  • Then, access your device’s web browser to visit the setup portal of the extender.
  • Use the default web or IP address of the Wavlink extender to get into the login and setup portal.
  • Here, the default web address is wifi.wavlink.com and the IP address will be
  • Later, you will be prompted to enter the username and password of the extender.
  • If you are unaware of these details, then it is advisable to check the manual setup guide.
  • Then, log in to the portal and insert these credentials and click login.
  • Later, configure the extender by following the on-screen directions.
  • In the end, choose the network from the list that you want to configure.

Setup In Another Way

If in any case, the setup process fails through the web portal, you can choose another one. That is through the Wavlink WiFi app setup process. Similar to that process, the app screen will also guide and show directions to you for the setup process. So, take your networked device and perform the further steps of the process by using these instructions.

Launch the app store on the device either on the Android phone or the iOS device. Choose your preferred device and install the app on it, but make sure to choose the official and the latest version. After getting the app, launch it and click mark on the terms and conditions as well. Doing so will redirect you to the extender login page automatically.

That page will prompt you to fill in the default username and password to log in. Make sure there are no spelling, character, and letter mistakes so that there will be no errors. In the next step, start the setup process by choosing the official network of your extender and allowing the app to expand it. In the end, the app screen will walk you through the entire process.

Thus, confirm the Wavlink extender is working as it should be capable of performing well now. However, if you encounter any issues in the network, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Wavlink technical experts. Literally, we will be more than glad to assist you!