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How Do I Setup My Wavlink AC1200 Outdoor WiFi Extender?

Got the Wavlink AC1200 extender for the first time and seeking help to set it up? No worries, as this extender comes with several simple setup processes, you only require to get familiar with them. Doing so will enable you to perform the process without any interruptions or errors in between. So, use this blog information as the best setup points to achieve a successful process.

wavlink ac1200 outdoor wifi extender

Some Consideration Points For Setup

Prior to moving to the Wavlink AC1200 setup process, it is necessary to go through some useful points. Which you must take into account if you really want an error-free setup approach.

  • Ensure your Wavlink extender is ready with the setup’s prerequisites.
  • Such as the existing router, extender’s login, and other credentials.
  • Second, you must choose the best placement for the extender.
  • It is advisable to check the extender’s setup guide for product information.
  • Check the router’s WPS compatibility before starting the WPS process.
  • Verify the extender’s working after plugging it into the power socket.
  • Use your device which is compatible and has an updated web browser.

Check The Manual Setup Guide

After getting the extender’s documentation guide, go through this once. As this guide will contain the basic information about the extender including its login details, and web/IP address. So, get these details from the guide before starting the setup process and note them down somewhere safe for later usage.

Setup Through WPS Button

In this first setup process, you can use the extender’s WPS button to set it up with the router. But, if your existing router is compatible with the WPS button, only then you can do this process. So, place the extender and your router close together and check their working later. If both are in well working condition, take the next step into account soon.

Press the Wavlink extender’s WPS button first and hold it for a few seconds. After that, use the router’s WPS button and press it till the router starts connecting with the extender. If you see the blinking LEDs on both devices, it means the process is going on. Wait for the solid and stable lights on those devices and the Wavlink extender setup will be complete in this way.

Choose Another Setup Approach

In case your existing router does not work on the WPS feature or if you fail during the WPS process, choose another one. Either choose the web-based setup or the Wavlink WiFi app method. For the first process, there will be a requirement to access the web portal by using wifi.wavlink.com on any device’s web browser. Go to the networked device’s web browser and insert the extender’s web or IP address into the search bar.

As a result, the extender’s login window will be visible on the device’s screen once you click enter. Which will ask you to fill in the default login credentials of the extender. Thereafter, you will be able to access the setup page and execute the process as well. The browser’s screen will walk you through the entire setup process to complete it. In this way, the Wavlink extender setup will be complete.

Wavlink WiFi App Setup Process

In the last setup process, there will be a need to install the Wavlink Smart WiFi app on your networked mobile. Open the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store on your preferred mobile and install the app from there. As you open the app, the extender’s login portal will open up similarly to the web setup method. Fill in the login details and carry out the setup process by following the screen directions. Later, relocate the extender to a different location once you connect your device to it either by wire or wirelessly.

Get The Extender’s Best Performance

After completing the setup process perfectly, it is equally important to keep it’s working optimized. To achieve this, try to make a wired connection rather than a wireless one for strong internet signals. Try to change the network’s advanced settings often to let it work accordingly. Also, update the firmware on time whenever there is a new version available. Don’t let your house appliances interrupt the WiFi signals by getting in touch with the extender and router.

Now, confirm that you are done with the extender setup process entirely and start enjoying the fastest internet speed. If you are not, then don’t think more to get in touch with our Wavlink experts to take more guidance.