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Wavlink Wireless N AP Repeater: Everything You Need to Know

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Wavlink is a popular wireless data networking brand across the United States. It is known for its smart wireless WiFi devices that not only provide fast speed but also outstanding performance. One of those world-class wireless WiFi devices is Wavlink Wireless N AP Repeater. It is an N300 WiFi range extender that has exceptional capabilities to deliver the expected speed, coverage, and performance. You may not find up to 1200 Mbps speed or wider network coverage with this device, but you will certainly receive the desired performance from it.

wavlink wireless n ap reapeater

The model name of the device is WN518W2. You may not find lots of information about Wavlink Wireless N AP Repeater over the internet. And that is why we have done the tough work to collect every single detail that you should know. We have outlined those details below. Let’s get started!

Wavlink Wireless N AP Repeater At A Glance

Wavlink Wireless N AP Repeater is a new-generation WiFi range extender. It comes as a plug & play device which means you can get rolling with it by simply plugging it in and then turning it on. Within a few seconds, you can connect one or more devices to it and start using high-speed internet services right away. This device particularly focuses on increasing the range of a wireless WiFi network that already exists. It has a unique function that starts by receiving the Wi-Fi signal from your host router or modem and ends by repeating it to a wider area. The major purpose of this Wavlink Wireless N AP Repeater is to boost the speed, coverage, and performance of a host router. This device has the potential to serve as both an access point (AP) and a repeater, ensuring continuous wireless connectivity across your facility.

Key Features of the Device

The Wavlink Wireless N AP Repeater is fully equipped with new-generation WiFi features. Some of the highly acclaimed features of this device include:

  • Wireless N Technology: The Wavlink N AP Repeater employs the most recent wireless N technology, which provides quicker speeds, superior stability, and greater coverage than prior wireless standards.
  • Dual Antennas: Most Wavlink wireless N-series repeaters have two external antennas. These antennas improve the device’s signal reception and data transmission capabilities, resulting in a strong and steady Wi-Fi network signal.
  • Multiple Modes: The Wavlink Wireless N AP Repeater’s several modes make it a versatile wireless internet solution. You can use this to transform your device into a Repeater, Access Point, Router, or even a Client Mode. This adaptability enables you to configure the gadget to meet your individual WiFi network requirements.
  • Simple Setup: The Wavlink Wireless N AP Repeater is simple to set up. It has an easy-to-use web interface that walks you through the installation procedure step by step, removing any technical complications. So, you can do the Wavlink extender setup seamlessly.
  • Ethernet Ports: The repeater features one or more Ethernet ports that you can use to connect wired devices, such as computers, smart TVs, or gaming consoles, for a dependable and consistent network connection.
  • Signal Strength Indicator: The Wavlink Repeater contains LED indications that show signal strength, allowing you to determine the best location for the device’s performance and coverage.

Benefits of the Wavlink Wireless N AP Repeater

  • Incresed Coverage: By extending the Wi-Fi network’s current range, the repeater removes dead spots and offers dependable connectivity all around your house or office.
  • Improved Performance: The Wavlink repeater provides quicker speeds, lower latency, and improved overall performance for bandwidth-demanding activities like online gaming and HD video streaming. This is made possible by Wireless N technology and dual antennas. You can take these benefits b simply completing the Wavlink AC1200 setup.
  • Seamless Roaming: As you walk between various regions of your property, the repeater enables seamless roaming. No interruptions or signal deterioration will prevent you from staying connected.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: The Wavlink Wireless Repeater provides a cost-effective method to expand your current network coverage without having to purchase additional routers or access points.

Configuration and Installation

The Wavlink Wireless N AP Repeater must be configured using the following steps:

  • Put the repeater near the Wi-Fi network you are currently using.
  • Plug in the Wavlink N AP Repeater and then turn it on.
  • Take a device and connect it to the Wavlink WiFi network securely.
  • To access the repeater’s web-based configuration page, use a web browser.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the repeater mode and then connect it to your current network.
  • Examine the signal’s strength, and move the gadget if necessary.

Troubleshooting and Support

During the wifi.wavlink.com setup process, if you encounter any errors or issues, you can try out some troubleshooting steps. These steps include restarting the device, resetting it to factory default settings, and upgrading the firmware. You can also connect to our Wavlink customer services for technical assistance. We can help you easily set up your Wavlink Wireless N AP Repeater and resolve any issue that you encounter while dealing with it.