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How To Find Your Saved WiFi Password?

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Though to access the Wavlink setup portal, you will require to log in first which includes using the username and password. You can use the default password until you change or set a new password for the network. But, what if you change the credentials earlier and forget now? Clearly, you will not be able to reach out to the setup window in that case. But, here are some useful tips that will surely help you to find your saved wavlink WiFi password.

Default Password For Wavlink WiFi

wavlink wifi password
As you buy a new WiFi router, you will get the Wavlink router setup guide in the packed box. That guide will contain brief information about the product and its login and other credentials also. You can go through that guide once to get to know the default password of the router for login. Generally, “admin” is the router’s username and password by default that you can change later through the management portal.

Alternatively, you can find this information from the router’s back panel. Also, the same case will be with the extender, you will get the Wavlink extender setup manual guide along with the extender itself. So, it is advisable to check the guide and collect the required information before starting the router’s login process.

Find Your Saved WiFi Password

Although if you selected the auto-fill option earlier for the Wavlink login process, you can log in without inserting it manually. However, if you want to find your saved WiFi password, you can visit and use the web management portal of the Wavlink device. Launch any web browser on the networked device and apply the remaining points from here.

  • Reach out to the Wavlink setup portal using the default web or IP address.
  • The default web address will be wifi.wavlink.com and the IP will be
  • After login through the auto-fill option, go to the device’s wireless settings.
  • Later, click on the Security or Wireless Security option from that page.
  • There will be a “Pre-Shared Key” or WiFi password option or similar to that.
  • Choose that option from there and the WiFi password will be visible on the screen.
  • Finally, check the password and note it down somewhere safe for further use.

Unable To Use That Password? Choose This Method!

In case you can’t find that password or if that credential does not work to log in to the router, then there will be a need to reset the password. After resetting the password, you can set a new one for your device’s network. But, for this process, you will require to discard the previously installed settings of the router and need to configure it again.

To do the Factory Reset of the Wavlink router, you can choose any method from two processes. Such as resetting from the management page and pushing the reset button of the router. Go to the management window for the first reset process and select the Factory Default option from the wireless settings. Wait till the process is complete and the router becomes in its actual state.

On the other hand, you can push the reset button from the router’s panel in another way. Let the router plug in and disconnect your other devices from it. Push and hold the button till the router’s LED starts blinking and the stable light will show that the process is complete. Later, do the Wavlink router setup again using the web setup portal or the WiFi app.

Do Configuration Again And Set A New Password

After resetting the Wavlink router, you will require to install it again to make it ready to use. Take your network-connected device and open any web browser on it and search for the default IP or web address. But, use the default username and password which is admin to login to the router. Once you are done with the configuration process, try to set a new password for the network. Go to the wireless settings and then select the security option and set a new and strong password and note it down as well.

Make The Password Hard To Guess

Equally important to password changes, it is necessary to make a password that is hard to guess for other users. Doing so will allow your network to prevent unauthorized users and hackers. So, try to add some special, numeric, and capital letters to the password. But, don’t add your personal information to this.

Thus, these are the points for the “how to find your saved Wavlink WiFi password” query that you can try out for your network. In case you look for more information about this condition, then get in touch with our technical experts.