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Proven Solutions to Wavlink Extender Not Connecting Issue

As we all know extenders are powerful tools for eliminating dead zones. They act as a bridge between the wifi router and the wifi device. But what if extenders start showing connectivity issues? This will impact our overall network performance.

wavlink connection problem

In this troubleshooting guide, we will discuss the Wavlink extender not working issues and provide you with the solutions to get your extender back on track.

Let’s get into the details!

Common Problems and Solutions of Wavlink Extender

There are many reasons behind the Wavlink extender connectivity issue and we will discuss them one by one below.

Connection Problem

  • The first reason for this can be the power supply and internet connection. Check whether your extender is getting a proper power supply or not. If it is fine here, move to the next step and check its connectivity with wifi.
  • If your Wavlink extender is not connected to the wifi do the power cycle procedure.
  • For this, switch off the extender and wait for 30 seconds. Now turn it on and wait to complete the startup process. Now, try connecting again.
  • Your router is showing wifi signals and your device is not able to connect to it. The first reason can be your extender is not properly connected to the router. The second reason is when the extender and other devices are not connected to the same router.
  • Connect your extender directly to the router using the Ethernet cable
  • Change the channel in case you have a dual-band router. Sometimes one channel starts causing issues with another, better to switch to other channels.

Problem with Extender Setup

If the connection is not the issue then the configuration of an extender may be not done properly. First, you need to reset the Wavlink extender to its factory settings and start the setup process.

The reset can be done through the reset button on the extender. The button is very small so press it with a pen or paper clip. Press the button for 10 seconds and the extender will reset to its default settings. Now restart the extender.

Firmware Updation

Wavlink extenders also require firmware updates like other extenders. If you are facing an extender connectivity issue, it is advisable to upgrade the firmware. During the update, your extender may turn on or off. So, don’t get stressed. Moreover, do not turn off your extender’s power as it will interrupt or stop the update process.

Position of Extender

The placement of the extender also results in the extender connectivity issues. Ensure that the extender is placed near the router for a stable connection. It is also recommended to avoid walls and other physical objects that weaken the signal strength.

Compatibility with the Router

Check whether the extender is compatible with the router model. The incompatibility can sometimes lead to connectivity problems. To know the compatibility details, check the user manual given with the extender.


The Wavlink extender not working problem is frustrating. However, with the above proven techniques you can easily resolve this issue. If your query is still unresolved, you can directly contact our tech support team at +1 716-992-6371.