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Yellow Light On Wavlink Router? Here Is How To Fix This Wavlink WiFi Error!

Getting yellow light on router continuously? Unfortunately, you aren’t able to resolve that on your own as you didn’t know the reason behind this error. But, don’t be concerned, as we have got some simple and easy troubleshooting tips and the possible causes as well. You can try out to get the Wavlink router’s light error fixed.

fix wavlink wifi error

Possible Reasons Behind The Error

From errors in the router’s working to poor signals with weak connectivity. There can be any reason that makes the router malfunction or the yellow light on the router. Maybe your existing modem is having a technical end error or the router is working on an outdated firmware version. Non-being a technical person, it can be difficult for you to recognize the error, so go through these points accurately.

Problem With Modem

Before moving to the router’s settings, make sure to verify your existing modem’s working. As that is the main product through which the Wavlink router is getting signals. Check the modem’s LED indications, in fact, contact your Internet Service Provider to get to know that.

Additionally, check the modem’s internet plan also, whether that is active or to be activated. In any case, if you are having an excessive requirement for the internet, you must opt for another upgraded internet plan. Alternatively, you can replace the modem with another one that must be full of robust technology features.

Verify The Configured Settings

If after trying out the above-mentioned tip, the yellow light on the router is still showing, then check the installed settings. Ensure there not be any fault in the Wavlink router setup settings either that are configured through the web-based portal or the Wavlink WiFi app. The router’s login credentials you used must be accurate and there must not be any mistake while using the web or IP address.

The frequency bands of the router such as 2.4GHz and 5GHz should be active if your router supports both. Try changing the router’s bandwidth channels of the router as maybe your network is becoming congested on the older ones. Also, check the devices that are actually networked to your router, there can be some unauthorized. In this case, change the network’s password to log out of those unauthorized users.

Router’s Outdated Firmware Version

If the router is configured properly, there can be a chance that its software version is not up-to-date. After updating the firmware, your router will start to perform optimally by removing bugs from working.

  • To do this process, use your device and visit the router’s web-based setup portal.
  • See the latest firmware version availability of the router and download that on your PC.
  • Again access the same page and upload the file to the Firmware Updating option.
  • Once the file is uploaded, click on the Firmware Upgrade option and keep an eye on the process.
  • Make sure to don’t turn off the router and the PC also while performing the process.
  • After completing the process, it is advisable to reboot the router to check the yellow light issue.

Change The Router Placement

Besides that, if the router is not within the range of the modem, relocate it to a new location. Even, try placing the router at the center of your place, but make sure the existing modem is delivering signals to the router in an appropriate way. In addition, there should not be any interference in the router’s signals from other devices. So, choose the best placement to place the router and modem together.

Reconfigure The Router

If the yellow light on the router still keeps appearing, then there might be a need to configure the router again. But, to do that, you will require to reset the previously configured settings first.

  • Discard the connections between the router, devices, and modem.
  • Let the router power on and locate the reset button on its back or side panel.
  • Once you find that, press it for a couple of seconds to start the reset process.
  • Wait for a while till the reset process is complete and the router becomes in its actual state.
  • Meanwhile, keep checking the LEDs indications of the router to get to know about the ongoing process.
  • After the completion of the reset process, do its configuration again by using a web-based portal or the Wavlink app.
  • Here, it is reckoned to go through the Wavlink router manual guide once to get a brief detail on its LEDs signs.
  • Lastly, use the router’s accurate details that you can take out from the manual while configuring it this time.

Through these troubleshooting tips, the yellow light on Wavlink router will be turned to its ideal color. If it is not, then you will need to take more guidance from our Wavlink Technical Experts to get that fixed. We assure you they will guide you through every point of the procedure.