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Wavlink Extender Not Working? Try These Troubleshooting Hacks

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Do your WiFi connections constantly create issues? Or do you often struggle to find the WiFi range at different corners of your home or workplace? Try a new Wavlink WiFi Extender that extends your signals to your workshop, basements, and even outdoors like a swimming pool or garage. Now you don’t have to worry about losing connection when you step outside your room with your laptop or cell phone. It fits in any wall socket taking the smallest possible space and ensuring wider signal transmission.

wavlink extender not working

The Wavlink WiFi repeater comes with a repeater device, a power unit, a quick setup guide, and one ethernet cable. It is quite easy to set up via different methods like the WPS, web-based setup method, and app-based setup. But, as with any other electronic or software-based device, Wavlink WiFi Extender can also come across technical issues. It might be possible that you come across the Wavlink extender not working. But, you need not worry. You can fix that issue with some quality troubleshooting hacks we have mentioned below.

Forgot the Username or Password for the Wavlink Repeater?

Essentially, the Wavlink Wireless WiFi Repeater is designed to exaggerate the signal range of the wireless router. Through this wireless repeater, you can easily boost its signal range in those zones where your router’s WiFi signal can’t reach its dead areas. The wireless repeater needs to be set up after its configuration process to the extender mode. You can perform it through the browser and the WPS function. You need to enter the default admin password and a username, if you want to step up towards the interface through the user interface. But you do not need to worry as both pieces of information are labeled on your extender’s back panel. By which you could also create through the browser.

With an appropriate username and password, any kind of device is logged in. Both of these are imperative credentials to access the web admin account. Of the wireless device. But sometimes the user faces configuration issues because they figured out their own username and password. Since it might happen due to forgetting their own password. It generally happens due to the user forgetting their own device’s admin credentials. If they made changes in their details from time to time. So, let’s just take a look at the troubleshooting guide to cope with the causing issue.

Resetting the Device Via Wireless WiFi Repeater To Factory Default

Here are the following steps for resetting the Wavlink WiFi extender via wireless WiFi repeater to factory default:

  • Locate its admin panel on your repeater panel.
  • Visit the administration settings and click on the factory setting option.
  • First of all, reset the wifi repeater to factory default settings.
  • Locate your repeater panel reset button.
  • Use a paper clip or pin to hold the net via the repeater factory reset button.
  • Press and hold this net via the wireless wifi repeater button for three to five seconds.
  • It is resetting now, so please wait for a second.
  • There you need to get the connection back the internet connection once after resetting the connection.
  • Finally, attach the repeater to the network connection and restart it.

Updating The Firmware Of the Wavlink WiFi Repeater

Following steps to update the firmware of the wireless n repeater.

  • First of all, search in the browser field for the Wavlink Extender login and setup portal.
  • Locate the admin address and log in with the correct details.
  • After this, move on to the wireless repeater administration settings.
  • Next, locate the firmware section and then click on it to see if the update is available.
  • Click on the firmware section and then enter your device model number or name to see if there is an update available.
  • Download the update file if an update is available.
  • Install it using the on-screen instructions once the download completes.
  • That’s it. Restart the device to see if your Wavlink extender is working well.

Additional Troubleshooting Steps to Fix the Wavlink Extender Not Working Issue

Except for the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps, there are a few more ways you can fix the Wavlink extender not working issue. Find them out below:

  • Adjust the placement of the Wavlink WiFi extender
  • Position the antennas in the right position
  • Ensure the established connection between devices is firm
  • Remove all the potential objects that interfere with the WiFi network
  • Test the network speed of the network to see if the speed is slow from the ISP

Logging Into the Wireless Repeater After the Setup

You can log in to the wireless repeater wifi repeater after the setup with these steps, it is as follows;

  • Enter the web address or IP address of the Wavlink in the search bar of the browser.
  • Search it and move on to its web admin page.
  • Choose the wireless repeater and enable the repeater login option.
  • After this, enter the wireless repeater in the default password and username.
  • Make sure the wireless repeater admin credentials are faultless.
  • In this way, click on login and complete this process.