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Connect Wavlink to Router: Installation, Login, & Setup

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Did you buy a new Wavlink wireless WiFi device? Probably, your answer is yes. And if so, you have made a great decision. This revolutionary WiFi system will drastically change the way you use the internet today. However, to start using the Wavlink WiFi services, you will first need to connect your Wavlink to your router and then complete the setup. If you don’t know much about this or are figuring out how do I connect my Wavlink to My Router, this post will guide you through the complete installation, login, and setup procedures, from start to end. Let’s start!

Wavlink WiFi Device Installation Process

connect wavlink to router

The word “Installation” is used in two different senses— installation as a cabling & connection process and installation as a setup process. In this section, we are discussing the Wavlink WiFi device installation as a cabling and connection process. The steps you need to perform step by step are as follows:

Unpacking the Wavlink Kit

There is no brainer in this step. You simply need to unbox your Wavlink kit and then unpack all the devices and accessories you will get inside the kit. There is nothing to guide you in this step, but still, you need to make sure that no device or accessory gets damaged during the unpacking process.

Finding an Ideal Place For the Placement

You must have heard that the placement of a wireless WiFi device plays a crucial role in network connectivity and signal strength. Hence, you will need to figure out which place could be ideal for the placement. We would suggest you place your Wavlink device in the center of your space away from walls, floors, and any other obstructions.

Perform the Cabling Process

Although Wavlink WiFi devices come with a wireless WiFi system, a cabling process is required to connect them to the host router or modem. To do this, take an ethernet cable that you will get inside the Wavlink kit. Hold one end of the cable and insert it into the WAN port of the Wavlink device and then run the cable to the host internet device. Insert the other end of the cable into the LAN port of the host device. Once done, turn on both your devices to see if the connection between them is successfully made. A solid ethernet light on the Wavlink device is a sign of a successful connection.

With all these procedures done, you will complete the Wavlink WiFi device installation process. This will not take even five minutes if you do the process correctly. Now, you have probably got the answer to your question “How do I connect my Wavlink to my router.”

Wavlink Wireless WiFi Login Process

The Wavlink router login process isn’t very complicated. You can perform it within a few steps. However, you will first require to make a decision on which method to choose. There are two different ways you can log in to your Wavlink account— wifi.wavlink.com login and app-based login. If you pick the first option, an updated and caches-free browser will be required on your mobile or desktop. But, if you pick the app-based login option, your mobile phone must have the latest version of the Wavlink app installed on your phone.

For your convenience, we have listed down the standard Wavlink Wireless WiFi login steps. You can follow these steps, no matter whether you pick the web-based login or app-based login method. Find out the Wavlink login steps below:

  • First, ensure that everything is in place including your host router, Wavlink device, etc.
  • Also, ensure that you have your Wavlink login credentials ready with you.
  • Head over to the Wavlink login portal or launch the app.
  • Navigate the Login option on the front interface and then click on it.
  • Enter the login credentials on the blanks where required and press the “Enter” key.
  • You are successfully logged in to your Wavlink account.

Now that you know the answer to the question “How do I connect my Wavlink to My Router” and also learned about the Wavlink login process, let’s move to the Wavlink WiFi router or extender setup part.

Wavlink WiFi Router or Extender Setup Process

Whether you have a Wavlink WiFi router or an extender, you can follow the following setup process. This is a standard setup process that you can follow for both the router and extender devices. However, there will be a few differences in procedures. You need to keep that in mind.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • For the setup, installation and login are important, So, first, make sure you do all the steps we mentioned above.
  • Once the login process is done, navigate to the setup option and then click on it.
  • Choose the Wavlink wireless network that you want to configure from the list of available networks.
  • Create a new SSID and password for the same for future use.
  • Once done, keep following the setup instructions on your screen flash to complete the setup procedure.
  • After a successful setup, switch off your Wavlink device and then on it again for improved performance.

That’s all from this guide. We hope you got the answer to “How do I connect my Wavlink to My Router.” Also, you learned about login and setup procedures which will prove useful. For more information on topics and issues related to Wavlink WiFi, stay tuned with us.