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A Wavlink WiFi Range Extender Login Guide

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With the help of the Wavlink WiFi extender device, you will enjoy the fast speed of the internet in every corner of the office and house. The login and installation process of the Wavlink device is so easy and simple. Read this page attentively to know all the basic details, without jumping any step or method.

A Wavlink WiFi Range Extender Login Guide

Benefits Of Wavlink WiFi Extender

  • The Wavlink WiFi extender device is compatible with all WiFi needs.
  • To boost the coverage of the WiFi device you can quickly settle this gadget in any power socket.
  • The automatic software upgrade option keeps your WiFi device protected.
  • Only in one minute, you can easily do the Wavlink WiFi Range Extender Login and setup.

How To Log Into Wavlink Device

  • First, join your computer to the Wavlink network with the help of an ethernet cable.
  • Now, launch the web crawler and enter the web address wifi.wavlink.com login in the HTML bar.
  • Next, fill in the right Wavlink cloud account credentials.
  • As a result, by doing all the above steps you will successfully visit the Wavlink web management page.

Upgrade Wavlink Extender Firmware

  • First, open the Wavlink application and tap on the menu bar.
  • After that, click on the network administration and then hit on the automatic firmware upgrade.
  • In the end, read all the display instructions and complete the Wavlink WiFi extender configuration process.

Reboot Wavlink Range Extender Device

Firstly, take out the Wavlink system and modem power plug from the power outlet. Then, wait for a few minutes before putting the Wavlink power plug back into the power socket. In the end, verify whether the issue is solved or not. If that is, then go to the next section.

Reset Your Wavlink WiFi Extender Device

After trying the above two solution tips, if the issue is not fixed then you will need to reset your Wavlink gadget from the factory default settings.

  • Press and hold up the reset hole button for 8 to 10 seconds, with the help of a paper clip.
  • Make sure you don’t press the reset hole button with so much pressure otherwise your Wavlink device might be damaged.
  • As a result, the Wavlink Wifi Range Extender Login process will now completely reset here.

After trying the above-mentioned solution tips, if your wifi.wavlink.com login issue is not solved then you will need to contact our team experts. You can easily contact us by choosing a call or mail option.