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Who doesn’t like to have a smooth internet ride throughout every corner of your home or office? The importance of a fast and reliable internet is non-negotiable as every single task of today’s modern life revolves completely around the internet. Be it work, entertainment, research, education or just fulfilling necessities of life, the internet plays a crucial role. Are you also tired of those pesky dead zones in your home, where the access to the internet is completely zero? It’s frustrating, right? But do not worry as the market is flooded with so many gadgets that can help you with resolving this issue. One such product is Wavlink’s WL WN573HP3 setup, it will not only eliminate all the dead zones but will also provide you with an ample number of features.


Benefits Of WL WN573HP3 Setup

Eliminates Wi-Fi Dead Zones

Wavlink devices are known for their reliability and performance. Its WL WN573HP3 setup will work wonders for your home’s internet coverage. Once you set up this beast completely you’ll see a huge difference, there will be no more dead zones, no dropped signals, only full bars wherever you go be it a balcony, your terrace, or the basement.

Robust Waterproof Case

The WL WN573HP3 setup comes with a robust weatherproof case that can easily withstand any harsh outdoor conditions. No matter if it’s raining, foggy, or harsh winds are flowing, it’ll work to the best of its abilities.

Passive POE Support For Flexible Deployment

The Wavlink WN573HP3 setup also has a feature called passive Power over Ethernet (PoE) support. This means that you can power the device using an Ethernet cable instead of relying on a separate power adapter. It’s super convenient for flexible deployment because you can place the router in locations where power outlets might be limited or hard to reach. Just connect the device to a PoE injector or PoE switch, and it’ll receive power and network connectivity through the same cable. This feature can be really handy, especially if you want to set up the router in outdoor areas.

Dual-Band Connectivity

WL WN573HP3 setup supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands. This allows for better performance and flexibility, as you can connect devices to the less crowded 5GHz band for faster speeds. This feature is very crucial especially when multiple devices are connected at the same time.

Multiple Modes

Multiple Modes

Here are the three main modes that this beast supports:

  • Access Point (AP) Mode:- In this mode, you can connect the WN573HP3 to your existing wired network to create a new wireless network. It’s great for expanding Wi-Fi coverage in your home or office.
  • Repeater Mode:- If you have an existing Wi-Fi network with weak coverage, you can set up the WN573HP3 as a repeater. It will receive the Wi-Fi signal from your main router and then amplify it thus extending the coverage to areas with poor connectivity.
  • Router Mode:- This mode allows you to use the WN573HP3 as a standalone router. You can connect it directly to your modem and create a new wireless network, providing internet access to multiple devices.

Maximum Speed and Security

The WL WN573HP3 setup offers dual band speeds up to 2.4GHz 573 Mbps, and 5GHz 1201 Mbps. Its 5dbi antennas provide even better wireless performance and it automatically avoids channel conflicts using its channel selection feature. Further, for maximum security, it uses WPA2-PSK, and WPA2/WPA3 wireless security protocols to protect your sensitive data and network from outside threats.

Easy Setup

The WL WN573HP3 setup process is easy and can be completed in a few simple steps.

  • First, unbox the router and attach the antennas for optimal signal reception. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the WAN port on the router and the other end to your modem or existing network
  • Next, plug in the power adapter and turn on the router. Wait for it to boot up, and then open a web browser on your device. Enter the default IP address which is usually or in the address bar to access the router’s login page.
  • On the login page, enter the default username and password provided in the user manual or on the router itself. Once logged in, you’ll be prompted to change the login credentials for security. Follow the instructions to set a new username and password.
  • After updating the login details, you’ll have access to the router’s control panel. Navigate to the wireless settings section and configure the network name (SSID) and wireless security settings. Choose a unique SSID and select a strong security protocol like WPA2-PSK. Set a strong password to protect your network.

That’s it! Your WL WN573HP3 is now set up and ready to provide you with a reliable and secure wireless network.